This Week in Neo4j – Neo4j 4.0 procedure examples, Connecting your React app to Neo4j with React Hooks, New Graph Algorithms Training

Hi everyone,

The NODES 2020 conference is almost upon us. It all gets underway from 8am Eastern Time on Tuesday October 20th 2020. Hope to (virtually) see you there!

We’ve just finished the virtual training sessions for Neo4j Certified Professionals, so thank you to all of you who joined us for that. My 3 year old decided to make a guest appearance at the end of the import training, which made that one a bit more challenging!

Content-wise, our video this week is from Michael Hunger’s live stream and is all about the Neo4j Community Graph.

We launched the Intro to Graph Algorithms for Neo4j 4.0 training course, Adam Cowley released a library for working with Neo4j from React, and Dr Jim Webber appeared on the Graphistania podcast.

Cheers, Mark, Karin, and the Developer Relations team

This week’s featured community member is Anelia Kurteva, PhD Researcher at Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck.

Anelia Kurteva - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Anelia Kurteva – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Anelia is a new member of the Neo4j community but is already a Certified Professional! Anelia has a Master of Science degree in Advanced Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Visual Computing. She is currently working on her PhD in Computer Science.

Anelia’s research focuses on sensor data and will solve the issue of data sharing between multiple entities based on informed user consent by using knowledge graphs.

In her talk at NODES 2020 next week, Anelia will take us through the semantics, data sharing, user consent and the implications of its issuing and withdrawal. Anelia will be speaking at 12:25 in the Knowledge Graphs track.

Exploring the (Neo4j) Community Graph

Our video this week is from Michael Hunger’s live stream, in which he shows how to explore the Neo4j community graph.

The Neo4j community graph contains data about Neo4j related activity on StackOverflow, Twitter, GitHub, and Slack.

In the video Michael explains the graph model as well as some of the applications built on top of the graph. He concludes by showing how to create a community graph for your own community.

New GraphAcademy Course: Introduction to Graph Algorithms in Neo4j 4.0

This week Elaine Rosenberg and Tomaz Bratanic launched the latest GraphAcademy online training course, Introduction to Graph Algorithms in Neo4j 4.0.

This training course will get you up to speed with the best practices for using the algorithms in the Graph Data Science Library. It is aimed at Cypher Developers and Data Scientists and will take 5 hours to complete if you do all the exercises.

Connecting your React app to Neo4j with React Hooks

Adam Cowley released use-neo4j, a set of components and hooks for building React applications that communicate to Neo4j.

If you’re building a Graph App or want to quickly prototype a web application, this library will save you a lot of boilerplate code.

Michael Hunger also showed how to use the library on his most recent live stream.

Neo4j 4.0 procedure examples, .NET Core API, GraalVM demo project

    • Chris Skardon has updated the Neo4j procedure examples to work with the 4.x series of the database.
    • Michael Simons created a demo project in which he compiles a Java program that uses the Neo4j Java driver with GraalVM into a native, shared library which can be used to connect to Neo4j from languages like C and Ruby.
    • Matthew Humpreys shows how to build a .NET Core API with Neo4j.

Graph Database for Dummies: Podcast and Interview

Graph Databases For Dummies is an introductory book on graph databases that was released about a month ago.

In the latest episode of the Graphistania podcast, Rik Van Bruggen interviews his co-author Dr Jim Webber about their experience working on the book.

Graphistania · Graphistania 2.0 – Episode 9

Patrick Wall also did a 5 minute interview with the authors on the same topic.

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