Graph Applications

This guide explains what a Graph Application is for Neo4j.
It helps if you have read the section on graph databases, as well as have downloaded and are familiar with Neo4j Desktop.

What are Graph Apps?

A Graph app is a Single Page Application (SPA) built with HTML and JavaScript which interact with Neo4j databases through Neo4j Desktop. They can be developed by anyone - community members, partners, enterprises, and more - and are a convenient way of trying out ideas or building useful tools with Neo4j databases. A developer could take an existing SPA and package it into a graph app or start from scratch with a new idea.

What Graph Apps are Available?

A full list of published graph apps for Neo4j is provided on our Graph App Gallery. From visualization tools to database/query monitoring, there is a graph app for many different kinds of needs.

How Can I Build my own Graph App?

We have a guide to step through the process of building your own graph app, so you can provide your own unique tool on top of Neo4j. We cannot wait to see what you build!

Graph App Topic on Neo4j Community

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to show off your own Graph App then there is a dedicated Graph Apps category on the Neo4j Community site.