Graph Applications Overview

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This guide provides an introduction to Graph Apps for Neo4j Desktop.
It helps if you have read the section on graph databases, as well as have downloaded and are familiar with Neo4j Desktop.

What are Graph Apps?

A Graph app is a Single Page Application (SPA) built with HTML and JavaScript which interact with Neo4j databases through Neo4j Desktop. They can be developed by anyone - community members, partners, enterprises, and more - and are a convenient way of trying out ideas or building useful tools with Neo4j databases. A developer could take an existing SPA and package it into a graph app or start from scratch with a new idea.

Available Graph Apps

A full list of published graph apps for Neo4j is provided on our Graph App Gallery. You can also open the Graph App Gallery within Neo4j Desktop by navigating to the Graph Apps Pane using the four square icon on the left hand menu.

Learn with GraphAcademy


Building Neo4j Applications with TypeScript

In this free course, we walk through the steps to integrate Neo4j into your Node.js projects. You will learn about the Neo4j JavaScript Driver, how sessions and transactions work and how to query Neo4j in a TypeScript application.


Each Graph App in the Graph App Gallery has it’s own installation link. Provided you have Neo4j Desktop installed, the Graph App Gallery will open a deep-link into Neo4j Desktop instructing it to download and install the Graph App.

Installation from Package Managers & NPM

You can instruct Neo4j Desktop to install a Graph App by using a deep link with the neo4j-desktop:// scheme. The URL to the Graph App should be passed as a URL parameter. The full link is: neo4j-desktop://graphapps/install?url=[URL to NPM style repository Remote Graph App].

For example, to install GraphQL Architect, you could use the following URL:


Installing a Remote Graph App

Any website can be installed as a Graph App, these are referred to as Remote Graph Apps. An example is Halin, which can either be installed as a standalone Graph App or as a Remote Graph App which is hosted remotely at

To install a Remote Graph App, enter the URL of the Graph App into the File or URL input box at the bottom of the Graph Apps Pane. Once installed you should receive a confirmation message.

Launching a Graph App

Open the Graph Apps Pane using the Graph Apps icon

From the Graph App Pane

All available Graph Apps are listed in the Graph Apps Pane located on the left hand menu in Neo4j Desktop. The Graph Apps are listed in alphabetical order. You can launch a Graph App by clicking the icon

From the Action Bar

Launching a Graph app from the Action Bar

Graph Apps can also be launched from the Action Bar. As you type the name of the Graph App you wish to open, the list of suggestions will filter. You can use the arrow keys to select the appropriate entry from the list of suggestions and press enter to execute the command.

The Action Bar can be opened by clicking the Magnifying Glass icon in the top right hand corner of the UI or using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + K on Windows or Cmd + K on Mac.

Uninstalling a Graph App

To uninstall a Graph App, you can click the downward arrow under the Graph App name and clicking the Delete App button. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete the Graph App, click Remove to confirm.


Halin Screenshot

Halin is a Graph App for monitoring Neo4j. It shows you how your system is functioning and using system resources like CPU and Memory, and helps you diagnose common configuration and performance problems.

How Can I Build my own Graph App?

We have a guide to step through the process of building your own graph app, so you can provide your own unique tool on top of Neo4j. We cannot wait to see what you build!

Graph App Topic on Neo4j Community

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to show off your own Graph App then there is a dedicated Graph Apps category on the Neo4j Community site.