Browser Guide Reference List

Important - page not maintained

This page is no longer being maintained and its content may be out of date. For the latest guidance, please visit the Getting Started Manual .

Neo4j Browser provides many interactive guides for learning concepts and tools with Neo4j. From data import to graph algorithms to working with RDF data, there is likely an interactive browser guide out there to walk through it.

If there isn’t one that fits your needs, you can create one and publish it to the community or internally at your company. For more information on how to do that, check out our guide for creating a custom Browser guide.

Neo4j Browser built-in guides

Some guides ship with Neo4j Browser out-of-the-box, no matter what system or installation we are working on. Below is a list of guides with descriptions for what is provided.

Guide Command


:play intro

Navigating Neo4j Browser

:play concepts

Property graph model concepts

:play cypher

Cypher basics - create, match, patterns

:play graph-data-science

Compute centrality and similarity scores, detect communities

:play movie-graph

Queries and recommendations with Cypher - movie use case

:play northwind-graph

Translate and import relational data to graph

:play start

Main guide (loads when Browser opens) - concepts, write-code, system info

:play write-code

Shows both guides for movie graph and northwind graph

Public Guides

Other guides are created by Neo4j staff and community members to help others learn Neo4j or how to use the tools in its ecosystem. We have some amazing work in this area, and we always welcome contributions!

You can check out the currently published list on the GraphGist Portal (Graph Guides section). Latest updates to the content and any newly-added guides will also show there!