Featured Graph Apps

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This page is no longer being maintained and its content may be out of date. For the latest guidance, please visit the Getting Started Manual .

This page contains a list of featured Graph Apps built by Neo4j Labs, Partners and the Neo4j Community. A comprehensive list of published graph apps for Neo4j is provided on our Graph App Gallery.


Graph Gallery Screenshot

If you are new to Graph Databases then the Graph Gallery is a good place to look for inspiration. The Graph Gallery features a curation of over a hundred example graphs categorised by use case and industry. Each entry includes a Play as Browser Guide button, allowing you to walk through the example step-by-step in Neo4j Browser.

Graph Data Science Playground

Graph Data Science Playground Logo The Graph Data Science Playground allows you to explore the Graph Algorithms available in the Neo4j Graph Data Science library. The UI allows you to tweak configuration and preview the effects of each on your data set without writing any code.

GraphQL Architect

GraphQL Architect Logo GraphQL Architect is a graph app for Neo4j Desktop that enables developers to build, query, and deploy GraphQL APIs backed by the Neo4j graph database, all from within Neo4j Desktop.


Neosemantics Logo The Neosemantics Graph App is a Graph App that will teach you to use the Neosemantics RDF toolkit for Neo4j . Neosemantics integrates RDF and Linked Data with Neo4j. The Graph App guides you through the process of preparing your graph to import RDF data and allows you to create mappings from RDF schemas and preview the results before importing the data.



Halin Screenshot

Halin is a Graph App for monitoring Neo4j. It shows you how your system is functioning and using system resources like CPU and Memory, and helps you diagnose common configuration and performance problems.

Query Log Analyser

Query Log Analyser Logo The Query Log Analyser is a tool that helps make sense of the query log file produced by a Neo4j Enterprise server. The Graph App scans through the log file, highlighting any long running queries and provides insights on how to improve them.

Developer Tools

Neo4j-ETL Tool

ETL-Tool Logo The Neo4j-ETL Tool provides a User Interface for importing data from relational databases into Neo4j. The Neo4j-ETL Tool makes this easy by inferring a graph model from the relational meta model that you can then adapt to fit your needs. Given that transformation, this tool also handles the actual import for you.

Neo4j Cloud Tool

Neo4j Cloud Tool Logo The Neo4j Cloud Tool provides the functionality required to load your local Neo4j Instances into a Neo4j AuraDB instance. Neo4j AuraDB is a fully-managed cloud database service.



NeoMap Logo NeoMap is a React based Graph App built by Community Member Estelle Scifo. NeoMap allows you to build up a map visualisation consisting of layers. Data points can be rendered on a map as markers, polylines, heatmaps or clusters.

Build Your Own

If you are interested in building your own graph app, you can follow our Building Graph Apps Guide.