This Week in Neo4j: Ops Manager Release, New .NET Courses, Cybersecurity, Twitter, Med Research, and More

Whether you’re running a single instance of Neo4j, or multiple databases across clusters, you will be pleased to hear about the release of the Neo4j Ops Manager. This new product makes it effortless to monitor and administer all your Neo4j databases, instances, and clusters from a central UI-based application.

Using Neo4j Ops Manager, you can instantly view the status of all databases under management. This will tell you whether all is well or if any cluster or instance needs attention. You can inspect the health of each instance, reviewing database-specific, OS, or host resource metrics to troubleshoot any concerns before they become a major issue. On the administrative side, you can set up role-based access for each user. Neo4j Ops Manager will help increase your productivity and improve the reliability of your Neo4j deployments. Learn all about it in this blog.

Yolande Poirier

P.S.: You are invited to attend local GraphSummits in EMEA and APAC. To get a better understanding of what you can expect at one of these events, read Eva Delier’s blog. After the one-day events, some of the cities – such as Berlin, London, Amsterdam, and Tel Aviv – are hosting evening meetups. This is your chance to get together! Find a local event here.

Michael McKenzie is a graph database developer and a long-time member of the Neo4j community. He got hooked on graphs early on and likes to see the world in graphs. He has a passion for teaching graph thinking and technologies at the GraphDB D.C. Meetup, of which he is the co-organizer. He joined the Ninja program and is a valued community contributor. Big kudos to Michael! Follow him on LinkedIn.

NEW GRAPHACADEMY COURSE: Building Neo4j Applications with .NET
Integrate Neo4j into your .NET project! In this brand new – free! – eight-hour Neo4j GraphAcademy course, you’ll create an instance of the Neo4j .NET Driver, learn about sessions and transactions, and use that knowledge to build a REST API with ASP.NET Core that will work with a pre-built Single Page Application (SPA).
GRAPH DATA SCIENCE: Analyzing the Evolution of Life on Earth with Neo4j
Tomaz Bratanic explores the database of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) taxonomy of organisms. By importing the taxonomy into a graph database, we can easily traverse and analyze relationships between species.
AURADB FREE: Explore a Cybersecurity Dataset in Neo4j

Michael Hunger and Alex Erdl discuss how graphs can help you not just with network events, but also with permissions, users, server threads, and cyber attacks.

GRAPH DATA SCIENCE:: How To Perform Link Prediction On Protein-Protein Interactions With Neo4j GDS Lib v1.8

Watch a demo by Sean Robinson, Lead Data Scientist, building an end-to-end link prediction pipeline using the Neo4j Graph Data Science Library v1.8 and Python to discover novel Protein-Protein Interactions. Looking at the history of previously discovered protein interactions, and making predictions about undiscovered interactions, can lead to drug discovery and treatments for complex diseases.

KNOWLEDGE GRAPH: Analyzing Twitter User Network

Mananai Saengsuwan analyzes the Twitter user network using centrality and community detection algorithms. He uses customized algorithms to discover communities and influencers and thereby creates a system for recommending which users to follow.

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… Of Special Interest

    • Wojciech Maciejak tells us how a developer who only works with relational databases was tempted to test graph databases. What impact did it have on his application, business, and his future? Watch the video to find out!
    • Security firm Limbik uses GraphAware Hume and Neo4j to create an information defense system preventing information manipulation. Learn more.
    • The Chainverse engineering team shipped a fork of Neo4j NeoDash with detailed deployment steps. NeoDash helps teams quickly spin up interactive dashboards with Chainverse data. Interesting UI!
    • Dr. Kirell Benzi is a data artist, public speaker, and researcher. His primary interests revolve around creating visual experiences that inspire, educate, and empower large audiences using state-of-the-art technology. Sneak Peek!