This Week in Neo4j – New Release for Data Importer, Neo4j Browser, GraphQL, Bloom, and Much More

This week, we are announcing Neo4j Data Importer in beta, a powerful no-code UI for importing flat file data. It doesn’t replace your ETL tools or handle production loads, but it does quickly load your 2-dimensional data files into a graph.

Your opinion matters! In response to Neo4j Browser feedback, this new release adds trackpad zoom gestures for zooming in and out of the graph visualization. The release also boasts a fit-to-screen feature that enhances graph visualization, smoother graph display, and more. Gregory King gives you the gist of both the Neo4j Browser and Data Importer releases.

Yolande Poirier

Rob has over 25 years of experience with application development and systems architecture and has an insatiable thirst for technology as a technical program manager. He contributes to many GitHub projects, such as the explore-docker-grandstack project. Big Kudos to Rob for his work! Follow him on Twitter @therobbrennan
BLOOM RELEASE: Time Travel with Neo4j Bloom 2.1
By popular demand, filtering and rule-based styling based on times and dates are now part of Bloom 2.1. Jeff Gagnon wrote a detailed use case implementing this new feature.
NATIVE CYPHER OR APOC: Batching Transactions in Neo4j
Tomaz Bratanic explains how to avoid heap memory issues by splitting a single Cypher query into multiple transactions. Native Cypher and APOC batching solutions are explored and compared.
NEO4J LIVE: GraphQL Library 3.0 Release

We explore the new features of the latest release and some of the things you might have missed, such as introspecting GraphQL type definitions from an existing database, defining database constraints and indexes, and many more.

DATA SCIENCE: Between Chair and Keyboard with Guest Dr. Jim Webber
Nate Schutta, VMWare’s software architect, and Jim Webber, Neo4j’s Chief Scientist, discuss the “Cambrian explosion” of databases. They elucidate such trends as moving to data access rather than infrastructure management. Enjoy this insightful chat!
BITES, PT. 25 Creating a Graph for a Kaggle Competition
Clair Sullivan shows you how to build a fashion recommendation engine with graphs so you can potentially win the current H&M personalized fashion recommendation Kaggle challenge.
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