This Week in Neo4j – Next.js & GraphQL Authentication, NeoDash, Importing CSV Files

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Our video this week is from Build a GRANDstack Podcast App live stream. If you like Next.js, this one is for you.

New DevRel team member Clair Sullivan shows us how to import CSV files, Tomaz Bratanic builds a news knowledge graph, and Nigel Small announces the new release of py2neo.

And finally, Niels de Jong publishes NeoDash, a tool that allows you to build a Neo4j backed dashboard in minutes.

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This week’s featured community member is Jesús Barrasa.

Jesús Barrasa - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Jesús Barrasa – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Jesús has been part of the Neo4j community since 2015 and is best known as the author of neosemantics (n10s), a plugin that enables the use of RDF and its associated vocabularies in Neo4j.

He has presented on the library and associated topics at the Neo4j Online Meetup, Neo4j Twitch Stream, GraphConnect, and more.

Jesús is also a prolific blogger, writing on topics like ontologies, knowledge graphs, WordNet, and RDF*.

On behalf of the Neo4j community, thanks for all your week Jesús!

Next.js & GraphQL Authentication | Building A GRANDstack Podcast App: Episode 4

Our video this week is from Will Lyon’s Build a GRANDstack Podcast App live stream.

In this week’s episode, Will starts working on the front-end of the Podcast App. After creating the skeleton of a Next.js application, Will shows how to wire up the GraphQL backend and set up client-side authentication.

Making sense of news — the knowledge graph way

In Tomaz Bratanic’s latest blog post, he shows how to create a news monitoring data pipeline using Natural Language Processing and a Knowledge Graph.

After scraping articles from the CNET news portal and importing them into Neo4j, Tomaz does some exploratory analysis using the Python driver and Seaborn visualisation library.

He then shows how to pull out the key concepts from each of the articles using named entity linking via the Wikifier semantic annotation service.

And finally, he does some network analysis using the Graph Data Science Library and Neo4j Bloom to make sense of the resulting Knowledge Graph.

NeoDash: Build Neo4j dashboards without writing any front-end code

Niels de Jong recently published NeoDash, a tool that allows you to build a Neo4j backed dashboard in minutes.

NeoDash supports charts, tables, and graph visualisations, which will all be positioned in a responsive grid layout. You can also export those dashboards if you want to share or store them externally.

py2neo 2021.0.0, Seed Docker with Data, Reactive data copy using Neo4j

Importing CSV Files in Neo4j

Clair Sullivan recently joined the Neo4j DevRel team as our Data Science Advocate. You can follow her on twitter @CJLovesData1.

In Clair’s first blog post since starting in this role, she shows how to import a Game of Thrones dataset using both Cypher’s LOAD CSV command and the Neo4j Import Tool.

Along the way, Clair provides helpful commentary on the things to keep in mind when using each of these tools.

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