This Week in Neo4j: Protein Interactions, Road to NODES Workshops, Native Graph Database, TypeScript, GraphQL, and More

There are only a couple of weeks left before NODES 2022, a free technical conference with over 100 sessions for developers and data scientists that runs for 24 hours across all timezones. You’ll learn from the brightest minds in graph technology and be privy to the best and most inspiring projects from the broader Neo4j ecosystem. Here are just a few of the sessions you might be interested in:

  • Explore Your Graphs Visually With Jupyter Notebooks, Sebastian Müller
  • Divide and Conquer: Send Forth the Microservices, Jennifer Reif
  • Hidden in the Clouds: Using Graph Technology to Understand Your Cloud Estate, Rhys Evans
  • From Node to Knowledge Graph Embeddings, Tomaz Bratanic
  • Take Data to the Next Level With Graph Machine Learning, Chaitra Ravada and Joinal Ahmed
  • Building Java Applications With Quarkus and Neo4j, Sebastian Daschner
  • Discover Invisible Patterns in Your Data: Connect Google Sheets Tables and Neo4j, Kateryna Nesvit
  • Hypertext Super Collaborator, Ward CunninghamSo, what are you waiting for? Register for NODES 2022 today!
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In her NODES presentation, “Are Personal Knowledge Graphs the Next Big Thing for Search?,” Ashleigh showcases the three types of personal knowledge graphs and explores how one of them may revolutionize the way we personalize the search experience.

Ashleigh Faith has her PhD in Advanced Semantics and over 15 years of experience working on graph solutions across the STEM, governmental, and financial industries. She is the host of the IsA DataThing YouTube channel where she demystifies the graph space, and she is also a Neo4j Ninja. You can follow her on Linkedin.

KNOWLEDGE GRAPH: Target Protein Interaction Exploration With Hume
Graphable lead data scientist Sean Robinson leads us through a biology use case with a target protein interaction exploration. He looks at protein-to-protein interactions, explores key protein structures, and visualizes relationships between target proteins and associated drugs.
NATIVE GRAPH DATABASE: Three Underrated Strengths
How would you like a database with index-free adjacency, network relationships, and elimination of bias? Here’s a description of these points with use cases tailor made for graph databases.
WORKSHOP: Hands-on Introduction to Neo4j

This video is a hands-on crash course in Neo4j. It’s part of the Road to NODES workshop series to help you prepare for more advanced material at the NODES conference.

TYPESCRIPT: Adding Record & Type Checking With Generics

You can inspect the code of a Node class in TypeScript to ensure that the properties you fetch are correct. But first, have your Node class accept a generic one to represent the properties.

GRAPH: Neo4j Graph Databases Visualized in Virtual Reality

In this presentation, James Mireles of Aviar Technology, LLC demonstrates how virtual reality can reveal the true topology of a network graph. That helps analysts and decision makers more easily see linkages and pathways.


It’s been called “the better REST” by more than one vendor. GraphQL champion Will Lyon believes GraphQL to be the REST we’ve needed all along.


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… Of Special Interest
    •  New Jhipster Lite released v0.19.0 with @neo4j support. Nice contribution @atomfrede! We’re happy to see this project so active. Check it out!
    • There is a new version of Apache Hop project – version 2.1.0 is out. It opens up interesting new possibilities, like for example, the capturing of execution information in a Neo4j database. Check it out!
    • Come see us at AWS re:Invent! We’ll be in Vegas from November 28 – December 2 hosting a booth and holding a session about Neo4j and Amazon SageMaker. Check it out!