This Week in Neo4j: Graph Composition, Cypher Tips, Dataset Analysis, Kafka Messages, Running Backups, Legal AI, and More

GraphConnect, the highly-anticipated gathering of graph technology experts and enthusiasts, is coming to Austin, Texas! It’s the best place to learn about connected data and relationships in graphs. Find out about the trends and topics that will shape the future. Check out the agenda online for sessions and luminaries in the field. All of this is happening on June 6 – 8 in downtown Austin at the Fairmont Hotel.

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Community matters a great deal to us at Neo4j. We’d like to understand how you, developers, are building GraphQL APIs with managed cloud services. If you have used a GraphQL managed service, we’d love to learn about your experience and how it could be improved in this survey.

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Philipp is a consultant who is fascinated by big data technology and machine learning algorithms, and he enjoys building practical solutions for real-world problems. He seeks to bridge the gap between implementation technologies and theoretical algorithms. He continuously deepens and expands his knowledge while sharing blogs and videos for everyone’s benefit. Kudos to Philipp! Follow him on Twitter.
NEO4J UNDER THE HOOD: Graph Composition as a Recurring Pattern
Welcome to the seventh episode of Neo4j Under The Hood – Graph Composition as a Recurring Pattern. In this episode, you will be introduced to graph composition and learn why it is one of the most advanced concepts for graph databases.
BLOG: 10 Things You Can Do With Cypher That Are Hard With SQL
Graph databases allow for more flexible searches than relational databases – and Cypher produces more legible code than SQL. In this blog, Michael Hunger creates some useful data structures and query patterns, demonstrating that what may be difficult in SQL is easy in Cypher.
VIDEO: Exploring the Eurovision Song Contest Dataset in Neo4j

In this step-by-step demo, Michael Hunger shows you how to go from importing to exploring data within seconds, and analyzes the dataset of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

ARTICLE: How to Set Up a Neo4j Sink Connector in Kafka

Get event messages in Kafka automatically ingested into a Neo4J database. In this article from Dotdash, the author describes setting up his first data stream through Kafka into Neo4j.

BLOG: Backup a Neo4J Instance Running in Managed Kubernetes
In this video tutorial, Sebastian Daschner builds on his previous videos to do backups of a running Neo4J database instance that is deployed to a managed Kubernetes cluster.
BLOG: Conduct Legal Research with AI
Throughout a four-part series, Justin Napolitano modeled a legal dataset in a graph database with a Person, Object, Location, Event (POLE) schema. This allows relating cases, justices, subjects, objects, ideas, and events to one another to train ML models to automate much of the legal research pipeline.
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Tom Larsen released a small update (v1.0.4) to the Graphyx tools this week. The only change was to update the Neo4j Go driver to the latest version. No bug fixes or new features. Learn more.

Neo4j 4.4 new features (Cloud-Native API and CALL {…} IN Transactions). Check it out .

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