This Week in Neo4j: Microservices, European Gas Network, FIFA22, DevTools, Java, Kubernetes, and More

Graphs are everywhere and data scientists are using graph technology to model the world as they explore complex datasets. Here, Ali Emre Varol unleashes the knowledge graph on a dataset representing the European gas distribution network. He performs exploratory data analysis with GDS 2.0 built-in algorithms to determine the most critical nodes, communities, and shortest paths. Cypher code samples and links to original sources are featured throughout.

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Yolande Poirier

Koji is a full-stack developer and a graph enthusiast who has been a top contributor in the Neo4j community from the beginning. He is a Neo4j Ninja – helping out fellow community members with technical problems – as well as a graph speaker, a founder of “Neo4j Users Group Tokyo,” and the “Apache Hop User Group Japan.” Here’s a big Thank You for all your work! Follow Koji on LinkedIn.
JOURNEYS IN JAVA, LEVEL 4: Building an Empire of Microservices
In the fourth article in a series of posts about building microservices in Java, Jennifer Reif continues adding services to the original application that served as the series’ point of departure. This time, she adds a new service to manage book authors.
KNOWLEDGE GRAPH: Explore the European Gas Network Via Neo4j
Ali Emre Varol uses Graph Data Science 2.0 to perform exploratory data analysis on the SciGRID_gas dataset using algorithms in GDS such as Page Rank, Degree Centrality, and Dijkstra to determine the most critical nodes in the network.
NEO4J LIVE: The FIFA22 Graph

In this episode, Ifeanyi Idiaye uncovers interesting relationships in the world of soccer using Neo4j desktop and the Cypher query language on the FIFA22 dataset from Kaggle.

VIDEO: 8 Tips and Experiences on Neo4j With Java
When creating your Neo4j project, Sebastian Daschner recommends the use of domain UI, OGM’s auto mapping, APOC, and time types. He suggests that you keep in mind multi-tenancy, production schema, and indexes.
NEO4J DEVTOOLS: “It’s Finally Spring Here” Release
A new version of Data Importer is here with improved “Empty ID” handling, so that empty strings – and any values of your choice – are treated as null values. We’ve also improved representation of partial mappings and errors, so that incomplete mappings get elegantly marked with a dashed line.
BLOOM SCENE ACTIONS: A Different Way to Interact With Your Graph
Using Cypher to enhance the capabilities of Bloom, Claudio Gallina demonstrates how Scene Action lets you execute a Cypher query contextually on a specific user selection of nodes and relationships in the scene.
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The latest Structr 4.0 release of the low-code graph platform has a redesigned UI, GraalVM backend, and supports Neo4j 4.x databases.

Write to Neo4j with Apache Hop. In this blog, Adalennis Buchillón Soris loads data to a Neo4j database from an Apache Hop environment.

Juan Guillermo Gómez uses several terraform scripts to create a Kubernetes Neo4j cluster on GCP. Check out the GitHub project.