This Week in Neo4j – 17 June 2017

Welcome to this week in Neo4j where we round up what’s been happening in the world of graph databases in the last 7 days.

This week’s featured community member is Jasper Blues, a long time Neo4j user and contributor, living in Manila in the Philippines.

Jasper Blues - This Week's Featured Community Member

Jasper Blues – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Jasper is an experienced mobile developer and authored the popular Typhoon DI-framework for iOS.

As part of his consultancy he started to use Neo4j from Kotlin in the backend of the social network for musicians “Vampr”.

Jasper was an early SpringSource consultant, and after joining our partner GraphAware Jasper contributed a lot to the development of Spring Data Neo4j and Neo4j-OGM.

He most recently published a comprehensive example for using Spring Data Neo4j with Spring Boot and Kotlin which he plans to extend with Spring Security and Spring Social features.

Jasper is also a regular answerer of questions on the Neo4j tag on StackOverflow, helping out new users as they get started with their graph journey.

On behalf of the Neo4j community, thanks for all your work Jasper!

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Online Meetup: Visualizing and Analyzing Salesforce Data with Neo4j

In this week’s online meetup Pat Patterson, Community Champion at StreamSets, showed us how to use StreamSets Data Collector to import Salesforce data into Neo4j.

Pat also has a blog post on the same subject.

On GitHub: Medical knowledge graph, Generating fake data, versioning graphs

    • Bougiatiotis Konstantinos created medknow – a library that can be used to create a disease-specific knowledge base by deriving medical relations using entity extraction on biomedical free text.
    • Rolf Håvard Blindheim has released several versions of django-chemtrails, a project which uses a graph to help determine if a user has permissions to perform some action on an object, based on the relationship between entities. The project is in a pre alpha state but if you’re working in this area there might be some useful ideas to take away.
    • Kees Vegter created neo4j-faker, a tool for generating fake demo or test data via Cypher functions.
    • Marco Falcier created neo4j-versioner-core, a collection of procedures to manage the entity-state model – a way of modeling multiple versions of data in a graph.

On the Podcast: Sébastien Heymann

On the Graphistania podcast this week we have an interview with Sébastien Heymann, the CEO of Linkurious.

Rik and Sébastien talk about Sébastien’s work on Gephi and how it contrasts to Linkurious, how Sébastien got into graphs in the first place, and the use cases he sees Neo4j being used for in the future.

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