This Week in Neo4j – GraphTour, Google Cloud Functions, Visualizing Facebook Events

Welcome to this week in Neo4j where we round up what’s been happening in the world of graph databases in the last 7 days.

Neo4j GraphTour is here

The Neo4j GraphTour gets started next week with our first stops in Tel Aviv and Madrid. This is your chance to hear how Neo4j customers are using graphs and learn all about the Graph Platform.

We’ll also be running GraphClinics at each event where you can come and ask Neo4j engineers for one-on-one help with your project and get all your graph related questions answered.

Michael Hunger or I will be at each event and will be presenting Utilizing Powerful Extensions for Analytics & Operations where we’ll show how you how to supercharge your Neo4j experience.

There are still seats available for some of the events but don’t procrastinate too long, register now!

This week’s featured community member is Tim Williamson, Data Scientist and Associate Fellow at Monsanto Company.

Tim Williamson - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Tim Williamson – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Tim has been a member of the Neo4j community for several years now and is a strong advocate for graphs on social media, frequently helping people out with their graph questions.

I first came across Tim during his presentation Graphs Are Feeding The World at GraphConnect SF 2015, which he then followed up with a 5 minute interview. You can also find the slides from Tim’s talk.

Tim also presented Using Graph Databases to Operationalize Insights from Big Data at Strata 2016 with Neo4j CEO Emil Eifrem.

On behalf of the Neo4j community, thanks for all your work Tim!

Online Meetup: Data Science in Practice: Importing and Visualizing Facebook Using Graphs

In this week’s online meetup Ray Barnard and Jen Webb from Suprfanz showed us how to import Facebook events into Neo4j and visualise them using d3.js.

They guided us through a Python based tutorial which you can find in the suprfanz/flask-fb-neo4j-d3 GitHub repository.

Pick of the week: Reactome – Efficient access to complex pathway data

A couple of weeks ago the paper behind Reactome – a free, open-source, open-data, curated and peer-reviewed knowledgebase of biomolecular pathways – was published.

Reactome – Efficient access to complex pathway data

Reactome – Efficient access to complex pathway data

Reactome annotates processes in a consistent pathway model to create a resource for researchers as a core reusable pathway dataset for systems biology approaches. It also provides infrastructure and bioinformatics tools for search, visualisation, interpretation and analysis of pathways

In the paper the authors explain how they were able to use Neo4j and Cypher to greatly improve query efficiency, reducing the average query time by 93% from when they stored the data in MySQL.

APOC, ETL Tool, Google Cloud Functions

On the Podcast: Laura Drummer

This week on the podcast Rik interviewed Laura Drummer, Director of Software & Engineering at Novetta Solutions.

They talk about Laura’s work building social networks of not only people, but also things that they’re talking about. Laura explains how she’s been able to use Python Data Science tools scikit-learn and gensim to build these graphs.

Laura presented the talk Sentiment and Social Network Analysis at GraphConnect NYC 2017 so I’d recommend watching that if you want to learn more.

Next Week

What’s happening next week in the world of graph databases?

Date Title Group Speaker

February 12th 2017

Domain-Driven Design and GRANDstack (GraphQL, React, Apollo, Neo4j Database)

Graph Database – Israel

Shahar Shaked, Mark Needham

February 13th 2017

GraphTour Tel Aviv

Graph Database – Israel

Mix of Neo4j and customer speakers

February 14th 2017

Graph Analytics (hands-on) + Neo4j gRaphs (intro)

Neo4j España

Bea Hernández, Jesús Barrasa, Mark Needham

February 15th 2017

GraphTour Madrid

Neo4j España

Mix of Neo4j and customer speakers

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