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Neo4j is touring to bring you a full day of exciting sessions on how graph technology transforms the modern enterprise. This free one-day event turns you into a graph expert — no matter your background or familiarity with graph technology.

Discover what's new - be inspired - build connections - get Graph help!

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Why Attend?

Discover What's New

Get a front-row seat to all of the latest developments and technologies being released in the graph database ecosystem.

Be Inspired

Learn straight from the experts about explainable AI, graph-powered machine learning, continuous intelligence, business analytics and natural language processing – all at Neo4j GraphTour.

Build Connections

Meet graph experts like Amy Hodler (co-author of the book “Graph Algorithms”), Emil Eifrem (Co-Founder of Neo4j) and Jim Webber (Neo4j Chief Scientist) and connect with fellow graph enthusiasts, including Neo4j users and customers in your region.

Get Graph Help

Bring your in-progress idea or project to our all-day GraphClinic and receive one-on-one advice from Neo4j experts.

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    Autograph - Natural Signatures for Graph Modelling, Simon Brueckheimer, Ciena

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April 20-22, 2020 | New York