This Week in Neo4j – Kotlin, Dynamic Decision Trees, Categorical PageRank

Welcome to this week in Neo4j where we round up what’s been happening in the world of graph databases in the last 7 days.

This week we have categorical PageRank using graph algorithms, more on knowledge graphs, and an interview with Jesús Barrasa about Neo4j’s new telecoms practice.

This week’s featured community member is Alberto Perdomo, co-founder and CEO of GrapheneDB, the world’s first fully managed solution for graph database hosting in Neo4j.

Alberto Perdomo - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Alberto Perdomo – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Alberto has been a member of the Neo4j community since 2012 when he started working on GrapheneDB, who just this week announced improved Neo4j hosting plans on Heroku.

Alberto presented at the first GraphConnect London conference in 2013 and GrapheneDB have been regular sponsors of the conference and associated hackathons in the years since then.

Alberto was interviewed on the Graphistania podcast a couple of years ago where he explained the origin story of GrapheneDB and the challenges building a DBaaS offering. He has also written several articles for the Neo4j blog.

On behalf of the Neo4j community, thanks for all your work Alberto!

From GraphConnect: How Graphs Changed The Way Hackers Attack

At GraphConnect NYC 2017 Andy Robbins talked about BloodHound, a tool he created that uses graph theory to show how attackers breach and take over modern corporate network.

BloodHound is one of the coolest tools I’ve come across while writing #twin4j so it was really interesting to hear about the problem it aims to solve and how it came to be.

Categorical PageRank, Product catalog graph, Knowledge graphs

On the podcast: Jesús Barrasa

This week on the podcast Rik interviews my colleague Jesús Barrasa about his new job leading the telecoms practice at Neo4j.

Jesus explains the common use cases he sees for graphs in the telecom space such as dependency modelling and root cause analysis and his hopes that graphs will become ubiquitous in this space.

Visualizing PE files, Dynamic rule based decision trees, Kotlin

Next Week

What’s happening next week in the world of graph databases?

Date Title Group Speaker

January 23rd 2018

Bill of Materials (BoM) and Graphs (Neo4j in Manufacturing)

Graph Database Boston

Oleg Shilovitsky, Christopher Chaulk

January 24th 2018

The Paradise Papers: Investigating and Analyzing Corruption with Graphs

Boulder/Denver BigData Meetup

Will Lyon

January 25th 2018

Supply Chain Management and Cybersecurity with Neo4j

Minneapolis Neo4j User Group

Eric Wespi, Nathan Adams, Eric Spiegelberg

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