TomTom to Speak at GraphConnect

TomTom software engineer to speak at GraphConnect 2014 SF

GraphConnect is excited to announce the addition of Pieter Cailliau to the list of speakers at this year’s conference. Pieter is a Software Engineer at TomTom, the world’s leader in location and navigation software. TomTom currently uses Neo4j to power their map quality assurance testing, to troubleshoot any geospatial logistical snares and ensure a smooth trip for their users. For example, TomTom uses Neo4j to detect and avoid Restricted Access Islands, or RAIs. An RAI is “a piece of the Road Network where you can navigate locally but not reach or leave globally.” By instituting a series of algorithms and spatial analysis tools, TomTom was able to ensure that these islands were avoided. Similar procedures are used in various other aspects of the QA process to avoid logistical issues associated with the incredibly complex issues associated with road navigation. Screenshot 2014-10-13 15.28.21 Hear more about how TomTom is using Neo4j for geospatial and logistical analysis at GraphConnect 2014 SF. GraphConnect is the only conference focused on the world of graph databases and applications, and will be held on October 22 in San Francisco. For more information and registration, visit Want to learn more about graph databases? Click below to get your free copy of O’Reilly’s Graph Databases ebook and discover how to use graph technologies for your application today. Download My Ebook