This year marks the 5th anniversary of GraphConnect San Francisco and it’s going to be the biggest graph technology event ever. Whether you’re new to the world of graph databases or you’re a seasoned vet, there’s something new for everybody at this year’s 5-year anniversary event.

Learn the top 10 reasons to attend the GraphConnect San Francisco conference in 2016

Here are just a few of the best reasons why you should attend GraphConnect San Francisco on October 13-14th:

#10: The Location

GraphConnect San Francisco happens at the Hyatt Regency SF This year, GraphConnect San Francisco takes place at the Hyatt Regency SF for both the conference and training. Located right along on the historic Embarcadero of San Francisco, you’ll get to see all the City on the Bay has to offer – from the water to great local cuisine and more.

Be sure to get the special GraphConnect rate when you book your hotel room at the Hyatt as well. Need directions to the hotel? Find them here.

#9: The disConnect Party

The disConnect party at the GraphConnect conferenceAfter a long day of lightning talks, technical workshops and stunning keynotes, you’ll want to kick back and relax with your fellow graphistas. The post-conference disConnect party lets you mingle with your new connections over a few drinks while making plans on how you’ll want to change the world with the power of graphs.

Plus, there will be free drinks. Need I say more?

#8: The *Four* Amazing Learning Tracks

The 4 learning tracks at the GraphConnect conferenceWe had so many great submissions for this year’s Call for Papers that we’ve expanded the number of learning tracks from three to four – meaning you have more choice than ever in which sessions, speakers and topics to learn from.

The whole day has talks and presentations for everyone. There are high-level case studies for IT executives; hands-on, how-to sessions for developers; technical overviews for architects; and bite-sized lightning talks showcasing community and sponsor projects. No matter what your background with graphs, there will be plenty to talks you’ll want to attend.

#7: The GraphClinic

Neo4j experts at the GraphClinicWhether you just have a quick question or you’re tackling an advanced graph challenge, the Neo4j experts at the GraphClinic are there to help your graph database get feeling well soon. Experts will be on hand all day during GraphConnect, so your questions can be answered whenever is most convenient for you.

Oh, and all of this expert guidance? 100% free.

#6: The GraphHack

The GraphHack hackathon at the GraphConnect conferenceGraphConnect Eve can be just as fun as the day of the conference. That’s because on October 12th, the Neo4j developer community will be hosting the GraphHack – a graph database hackathon organized around a particular theme and a given dataset(s) where developers divide up into teams and compete for prizes by building the best app with Neo4j.

This year’s theme is still yet to be announced, but look out for a future blog post giving you all the details you’ll need to get a head start.

#5: The Graph-tastic Speaker Lineup

Mar Cabra, speaker at GraphConnect San Francisco in 2016GraphConnect always attracts the best speakers in the graph technology ecosystem and this year is no exception. This year’s highlights include: Of course there are still a lot more speakers to be announced, so stay tuned for even more graph experts in our stellar lineup.

#4: In-Person Access to Neo4j Engineers

Find Neo4j engineers at GraphConnect San FranciscoAt GraphConnect San Francisco, you get to rub elbows with the very engineers who’ve built Neo4j itself. That means they’ll be available for networking, ideas and technical questions – what other database technology can offer such personable access?

Get the full graph database experience and meet the makers of the world’s leading graph database in person.

#3: Expanded Options for Neo4j Training

Neo4j training sessions at GraphConnect San FranciscoOctober 14th is training day at GraphConnect and for our 5th year, we’re offering five different training tracks from the beginner to advanced level, including the North American debut of our newest training class: Building a Recommendation System with Neo4j.

Here’s the lineup of all the trainings we’re offering this year:
    • Intro to Neo4j
    • Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j
    • Building a Recommendation System with Neo4j
    • Advanced Neo4j Deployment
    • Advanced Cypher Queries

#2: The Big Announcements

Big announcements from Emil Eifrem at GraphConnect San FranciscoIn 2015, GraphConnect San Francisco was ground zero for the announcement around the openCypher project, Neo4j on IBM POWER8 and the GA release of Neo4j 2.3. And this year’s GraphConnect Europe saw the release of Neo4j 3.0 as well as the publication of the Panama Papers dataset.

While we can’t say what exactly might be announced on the keynote stage this year, rest assured that it’ll be big!

#1: The Relationships

Networking and building relationships at the GraphConnect conferenceGraph technology is powerful because it leverages data relationships. GraphConnect is powerful because it builds your person-to-person relationships.

After all, trainings, presentations and announcements can all be experienced elsewhere or even remotely, but in-person networking and relationship building with fellow graphistas can’t happen anywhere else but GraphConnect.

You’ll find it difficult to be an orphan node at GraphConnect San Francisco. That’s because everyone in attendance already understands the inherent value of relationships over individual data points.

Do you really need any other reasons to attend GraphConnect this year? I didn’t think so. We’ll see you in San Francisco!

Click below to register for GraphConnect San Francisco on October 13-14, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency SF.

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