Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Neo4j

Make sure you choose the right graph database for your project.

1. World’s Best and First Graph Database

Neo4j is used by thousands of organizations, including 50+ of the Global 2000, in mission-critical production applications. Developed by the inventors of the modern graph database, Neo4j is the only graph database on Gartner’s Operational Database Magic Quadrant.

2. Biggest and Most Active Graph Community on the Planet

Neo4j has the largest and most vibrant community of graph database enthusiasts that contributes to the Neo4j ecosystem.
        • 1,000,000+ downloads, adding 50,000 downloads per month
        • 20,000+ graph education registrants
        • 20,000+ Meetup members
        • 500+ Neo4j events per year
        • 100+ technology and service partners
        • 200 enterprise subscription customers, including 50+ of the Global 2000

3. Highly Performant Read and Write Scalability, Without Compromise

Neo4j delivers the lightning-fast read and write performance you need, while still protecting your data integrity. It is the only enterprise-strength graph database that combines native graph storage, scalable architecture optimized for speed, and ACID compliance to ensure predictability of relationship-based queries.

4. High Performance Thanks to Native Graph Storage & Processing

Index-free adjacency shortens read time, and gets even better as data complexity grows. Get reliably fast transactions with ultra-high parallelized throughput even as your data grows.

5. Easy to Learn

        • Mature UI with intuitive interaction and built-in learning
        • Time-tested training ecosystem to meet your needs
        • A wealth of training materials bringing years of deployment experience to your desktop
        • Expert-authored books for in-depth learning

6. Easy to Use

Choose Cypher, the world’s most powerful and productive graph query language, or the native Java API for writing custom special-purpose extensions. Pick from APIs and drivers for all major languages, and enjoy the other numerous developer productivity enhancements in Neo4j’s intuitive user interface.

7. Rock-Solid Reliability for Mission-Critical Production Applications

Neo4j has been hardened through years of production deployments and rigorous ongoing testing, so you can trust it. Plus, you can engage with the Graph experts providing world-class support, at the right level for your organization. Neo4j is the only graph database recognized by key analysts (Forrester, Gartner and others) to have enough production applications to warrant inclusion in reports. Clustering and data replication demanded by transactional and operational applications.

8. Easier than Ever to Load Your Data into Neo4j

        • Staggering loading speed of huge data sizes, with very low memory footprint
        • Choose how much and which data to import, without worrying about volume

9. Whiteboard-friendly Data Modeling to Simplify the Development Cycle

        • The logical model is the physical model
        • 1/10 the time-to-production by closing the gap between the business and IT
        • Make changes on-the-fly as business requirements change

10. Superb Value for Enterprise and Startup Projects

Most Neo4j customers find their total cost of ownership decreases, because they’ve optimized their production environment and increased efficiency. With Neo4j, you can choose the license and bundle that you need, and add clustering and data replication capabilities that make sense for your deployment and your organization.

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