Neo4j – Open Source, Big Community

The development efforts on Neo4j began in 2000, when the co-founders, while on a project, encountered a graph problem that couldn’t be solved with relational databases. For the next 10 years, they continued developing and deploying Neo4j at various other organizations with similar requirements.

Finally in 2010, they decided to launch Neo4j version 1.0 as an open source graph database. Since then, Neo4j has quickly risen to become the most popular graph database in the world as rated by DB-Engines and by hundreds of thousands of Neo4j community members.

The Neo4j development team continued to enhance the product and reached another milestone with the release of Neo4j 2.0 in December 2013. Since its inception, Neo4j has been adopted globally by thousands of organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

The Neo4j Community Edition is licensed under the free GNU General Public License (GPL) v3 while the Neo4j Enterprise Edition is dual licensed under Neo4j commercial license as well as under the free Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3.

All our source code is hosted at GitHub. We love contribution from our community and users, whether its bug reports, new feature requests, suggestion to improve our documentation or new tools and drivers that to make Neo4j easier to use and integrate .

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