Webinar Spotlight on Summertime Classics

Grab the popcorn! It’s almost August, so let’s get comfy and tune into some good ole summertime classics.

The classics I’m talking about aren’t Jaws, National Lampoon’s Vacation, or one of my personal favorites, The Sandlot (“you’re killin’ me Smalls”) but rather some classic webinars featuring tips and tricks to help you along your graph journey.

Summertime classics
Let’s start our classic roundup with Identifying Graph-Shaped Problems starring Lju Lazarevic, Developer Relations Advocate. See below for this classic’s plot! (July, 2020)

Graph databases are an excellent choice for storing and querying your connected data. They allow you to store information in a logical and complementary way that’s reflective of the domain you’re working in. However, when faced with the questions you’re looking to answer, it may not be immediately obvious that what you’re looking at is a graph question.

In this session, we will show you tips and tricks for identifying graph-shaped problems. This 45-minute webinar is for anybody who wants or needs to learn how to spot certain structures in their data and understand if the data you are working with lends itself to working with a graph.

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 Identifying Graph-Shaped Problems
Next up in the roundup is Top 10 Tips for Responsible AI – How Graph Technology Adds Context featuring Amy Hodler. The movie, I mean webinar, synopsis is below. (February, 2020)

As creators and users of artificial intelligence (AI), we have a duty to guide its development and application to increase accountability, fairness, and public trust. AI systems require context and connections to have more responsible outcomes and make decisions similar to the way humans do.

In this webinar, Amy Hodler, Analytics & AI Program Manager at Neo4j, will take us through 10 tips for responsible AI and show how artificial intelligence (AI) can be more situationally appropriate and “learn” in a way that leverages adjacency to understand and refine outputs, using peripheral information and connections. Amy will discuss how graphs add essential context to guide more responsible AI that is more robust, reliable, and trustworthy.

Top 10 Tips for Responsible AI - How Graph Technology Adds Context
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I hope you enjoy these summertime classics in your quest for fun! (National Lampoon’s Vacation reference) And remember – Don’t go in the water! (Cue music: dunnuh dunnuh dunnuh…)

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