Why DTCP Decided to Invest in Neo4j

Why DTCP decided to invest in Neo4j

We at DTCP believe in the ongoing evolution and transformation of technology and software, enabling the development of more and more services with the highest grade of usability, personalization, and automation.

Although relational and NoSQL databases offer high performance at attractive TCO levels for most use cases today, there is an increasing number of highly specific use cases better served by special-purpose databases. Technological evolution happens in waves, often inspiring a whole range of new services and use cases, changing the requirements for the whole tech stack entirely.

This is exactly what we observe in the database market today. The explosion of available user and machine data, expanding 24/7, and coming from a range of devices, offers a huge potential to derive insights and offer more personalized services than ever before. These real-world datasets are complex, with rich relationships between data points that current relational and most NoSQL databases fail to process and contextualize.

At the same time, the emergence of highly sophisticated machine learning algorithms and self-learning/unsupervised AI capabilities – applicable to huge volumes of data – allows developers to discover hidden relationships between data points. They can then leverage that context to develop new insights, services, and products. Here, Neo4j comes to the fore.

Neo4j´s CEO and Co-Founder Emil Eifrem coined the term “graph databases” and has grown the company to offer the most sophisticated and scalable native graph database technology with the highest technological depth and the widest use case coverage. Native graph databases can be seen as an enabler for a new era of personalization and real-time services by handling connected data and enabling Fortune 500 companies to blend knowledge stored across data silos. The relationships between data points have increasing importance and will be the key to unlock new insights at a level of granularity never seen before.

We are delighted to be a part of Neo4j‘s journey to further establish graph databases in all sectors and industries, and enable a completely new wave of AI-powered services and applications. Users will reap the benefits of more automated and more accurate analytics, as well as more personalized experiences.

When Emil founded Neo4j in 2007, he was way ahead of his time. No other comparable technology was available on the market, and even the term “graph database” did not yet exist. As a developer, Emil always struggled with the shortcomings of existing database technologies. He therefore decided to build his own database as an open source project perfectly suited to his requirements. Since then, Emil has been a visionary ambassador for the graph database movement and has spent the last few years building a large, powerful developer community for the open source project. He and the Neo4j team have educated the market about the value and unmatched advantages of native graph database technology.

In recent years, Neo4j has introduced not only enterprise solutions for large global customers (with a vast number of adjacent features and tools on the Neo4j platform), but has also introduced Neo4j AuraDB, a fully managed cloud service. At DTCP, we have high expectations for AuraDB, which will bring Neo4j’s superior technology into the hands of a wider developer community, helping them solve more and more complex challenges. We are excited to discover the new services and use cases unlocked through this new offering.

Neo4j has seen constant, impressive growth over recent years and is experiencing a further uplift of adoption and growth. The graph category is at an inflection point, and its technology is becoming mainstream. We expect the graph database market to grow to over $10 billion by 2027, and Neo4j – as the undisputed category leader – will be crowned as one of the few platforms that will reshape the $100 billion market of data management and analytics software.

We are delighted to support Emil and his great team in further growing Neo4j and continuing to disrupt the database market, to enable the use cases of tomorrow, and to promote better services and higher convenience through personalization and automation.

Neo4j is just getting started, and there is much more to come. Stay tuned!

Neo4j just raised the largest funding round in database history. Read Emil’s blog to find out what this means to the future of Neo4j as well as the database market.

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