Graph Data Modeling for NoSQL and SQL

By Thomas Frisendal

Publisher: Technics Publications

This book proposes a new approach to data modeling-one that “turns the inside out”. For well over thirty years, relational modeling and normalization was the name of the game. One can ask that if normalization was the answer, what was the problem? There is something upside-down in that approach, as we will see in this book.

Data analysis (modeling) is much like exploration. Almost literally. The data modeler wanders around searching for structure and content. It requires perception and cognitive skills, supported by intuition (a psychological phenomenon), that together determine how well the landscape of business semantics is mapped.

Mapping is what we do; we explore the unknowns, draw the maps and post the “Here be Dragons” warnings. Of course there are technical skills involved, and surprisingly, the most important ones come from psychology and visualization (again perception and cognition) rather than pure mathematical ability.