Announcing $10,000 Leonhard Euler Idea Contest Winners

Thanking all participants for their inspiring submissions and congratulations to the winners!

The results are in: The Neo4j Leonhard Euler Idea Contest, with US $10,000 in prizes, has drawn to a close and the winners were announced at NODES 2021 by Emil Eifrem, CEO and Co-Founder of Neo4j.

A record number of innovative, thought-provoking, and inspirational ideas were submitted from around the world, and I wish to thank each one of you wholeheartedly for taking the time to submit your ideas.

The primary goal of the idea contest was to excite and inspire developers, students, technology enthusiasts, and hackers to see the innovations, applicability, and feasibility possible – with graph database and GraphQL Library across different use cases – and present their work to a thriving global community of graph enthusiasts and developers.

The contestants also got early access to our free cloud offering Neo4j Aura to build their GraphQL solutions, which is now available to everyone!

That goal was reached, and we couldn’t be more excited and impressed. Thanks for making the idea contest a roaring success.

Neo4j GraphQL Library- Mechanics

The Contest by the Numbers

We launched the idea contest on Apr 27, 2021, with the general availability (GA) of Neo4j GraphQL Library, and closed submissions on June 7, 2021. During those 41 days, more than 300 developers, data scientists, and professionals from 58 countries registered and submitted their ideas for the Leonhard Euler idea contest. We received 28 qualified, stunning idea submissions from which three prize winners and five most creative ideas were selected.

“If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.” – Alfred Nobel, of the Nobel Prize [and probable graph enthusiast]


The Leonhard Euler Idea Contest winners were selected by a stellar panel of judges from across the Neo4j Graph Database industry. They evaluated each submission on originality of idea, complexity of implementation, feasibility of solution, and whether the idea makes developers’ and people across the globe’s lives easier. Here’s our panel of brilliant judges:

  • Amy Hodler (Graph Analytics and AI Program Director, Neo4j)
  • Cristina Escalante (COO, Silver Logic)
  • Jennifer Reif (DevRel, Neo4j)
  • Ljubica Lazarevic (DevRel, Neo4j)
  • William Lyon (DevRel, Neo4j)
Judges- Neo4j Leonhard Euler Idea Contest

Now, without further delay, let’s find out who the winners are and learn a bit more about their ideas and submissions.

Grand Prize: US $3,500

The Grand Prize of US $3,500 cash goes to Developers.Zed – “A web application to find software developers in Zambia through easy links and recommendations.”

The creator of Developers.Zed, Kacha Mukabe’s inspiration in his own words: “Developers in Zambia (in Southern Africa) tend to be overlooked by local people hiring simply because they are not as visible. Most dev work is outsourced and I want to make it a little easier for employers to find developers locally.”.

Visit this idea’s GitHub Repo.
Team Country: Zambia

First Runner-Up, 2nd Place: US $2,500

SeedFundMe: A tool that provides funding for small businesses of all ethnic backgrounds.

Visit this idea’s GitHub Repo.
Team Country: United States

Second Runner-Up, 3rd Place: US $1,500

Help Me: A platform where you can ask for help. Your help request is displayed on the map, and anyone can see your request for help.

Visit this idea’s GitHub Repo, or try out the app here.
Team Country: India

Winners of the Leonhard Euler Idea Contest

Most Creative Ideas: US $500 each

  • Industrial Pollution Analysis: GitHub Repo (India)
    Identify the possible industries responsible for the pollution in an area by linking them with their respective area’s air/water quality measures and disease cases, so that immediate actions can be taken on a root level with proof.
  • Graphic Details: GitHub Repo (US)
    A graph-based IDE for coding that helps you visualize, build, and run Javascript Code. All code is broken down into functions, which become nodes. All dependencies between functions become links.
  • reSKILL: GitLab Repo (India)
    An adult learning platform that would help students upskill/reskill by training industry-focused courses. The platform would also run recruitment drives that would help businesses, organizations, or industries hire people based on the skills acquired.
  • Disaster Prevention Web: GitHub Repo (Malaysia)
    Gather real-time data from users and historical data to predict the occurrence of natural disasters and help mitigate the damage caused. Based on this information, the authorities of the responsible region will be able to send out warnings to the users in the affected area.
  • NeoHistoricity: GitHub Repo (India)
    An app for researchers of history and other people to determine historicity. The app allows recording statements. Every statement is a record made by a person about themselves or about what another person said or did. Statements are either made in meetings or in books authored by the person. We can then query statements based on filters.

Rookie of the Idea Contest: Neo4j Swag Bag

  • Tracing Patient Zero: GitHub Repo (India)
    A web application that helps to visualize how infections spread across people and identities who was the patient zero – the first person who got infected by disease.

Congratulations to Our Winners – and Thank You

Altogether, a total of US $10,000 was awarded to eight winning teams.

Thank you to the fantastic DevRel team here at Neo4j, our developer community, and participants for making this a contest experience that exceeded our expectations. We look forward to hosting more online and in-person idea contests and hackathons, and we can’t wait to see what you build next with the Neo4j Graph Data Platform.

P.S. Winners will be contacted soon on how they will be receiving their prize money. For questions or concerns please reach out to –

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