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Submit Breakthrough Solutions to Win $10k Worth of Prizes

All of us have ideas: the ideas that must be heard, the ideas that improve our lives and perhaps even millions of others. But how often do we act on turning those ideas into a reality?

Well, most good ideas don’t go beyond those initial creative thoughts in our mind, and other times we feel like we lack a platform to build them out or showcase them.

Announcing the Leonhard Euler Idea Contest

If you’re a professional, aspiring developer working in the field of application development, databases, graphs, artificial intelligence (AI), full-stack, or you’re someone who is passionate about technology, Neo4j is excited to offer you an opportunity to transform your most creative ideas into reality using Neo4j graph database and the Neo4j GraphQL Library.

The Leonhard Euler Idea Contest gives you a chance to win $10,000 worth of prizes and get your idea heard by the entire world. The winning project will be featured at NODES 2021, an online developer expo and summit attended by close to 13,000 developers across the globe last year.

Check out the rules and terms & conditions of the idea contest, and register right away!

Contest Timeline

The Leonhard Euler Idea Contest is now open for registrations. Submissions will be accepted starting April 27, and closed on June 4. The winning entries will be announced on June 17 at NODES 2021.

The Challenge

The Leonhard Euler Idea Contest is seeking breakthrough ideas and solutions from developers, data scientists, professionals, and students from across the globe. The mandatory criteria for a valid submission is to build the application prototype using Neo4j graph database and the Neo4j GraphQL Library.

The ideas you submit are judged on the following parameters:

    1. Half the weight (50%) is for the originality of your idea.

    2. Complexity accounts for 30% (i.e. level of sophistication yet easy to implement).

    3. Feasibility and completeness of your solution accounts for 20%.

Qualifying Criteria

To qualify for the competition, individuals or teams are required to submit:

    1. A working application code on GitHub for judges to check the quality of code (MUST use the Neo4j GraphQL Library).

    2. A video of the idea, code walkthrough on YouTube or Vimeo, no longer than two minutes, as a pitch for the competition showcasing your idea.

    3. Demo application (if it exists).

We encourage you to register early to maximize the time you can spend planning and building out your solution. We are looking for solutions across the whole spectrum of use cases. For inspiration, check out the GRANDstack Starter Project and this podcast application built using GRANDstack.

Did you know?

    • Our previous winners did not have Neo4j and or GraphQL experience  –  they used the hackathon as an opportunity to learn.

    • It was key ideas, practicality, applicability, and usefulness that won, not developer skills.

    • This hackathon is a great opportunity to learn all about graph databases, GraphQL, and building modern applications.

Get Started

You are not alone when you start coding and building your ideas. You will have access to:

    1. First 100 get Aura Free Tier! With this contest, we are also giving the first 100 registrants of this contest access to Aura Free Tier for building applications. Neo4j Aura is a fully managed cloud database service. Fill out this form.

    2. An in-depth GraphAcademy workshop on how to build applications with the Neo4j GraphQL Library and Neo4j graph database (this is coming soon, and will be ready on April 27, when the contest starts accepting submissions).

    3. The GRANDstack starter kit contains sample apps and sample app GitHub code for inspiration, built with the Neo4j GraphQL Library (Neo-Push, Movies, and a Twitter dashboard using Retool & GraphQL).

    4. Neo4j Sandbox where you can build your project, see here for step-by-step instructions, or you can download Neo4j Desktop, which comes with a development license for Neo4j Enterprise Edition for developing locally.

    5. Access to experts within Neo4j via Discord (#hackathon), as well as in the community to answer questions when you need help.

    6. Access to rich documentation on how to get started with the Neo4j GraphQL Library to help you build your ideas further.

    7. Also, do see our previously hosted Global GraphHack Contest for ideas and inspiration. Some of these apps and prototypes were built in less than a month.

Thinking process and workflow from ideation to submission


    • Amy Hodler (Graph Analytics and AI Program Director, Neo4j)

    • Cristina Escalante (COO, Silver Logic)

    • Jennifer Reif (DevRel, Neo4j)

    • Ljubica Lazarevic (DevRel, Neo4j)

    • William Lyon (DevRel, Neo4j)


The winners of the Leonhard Euler Idea Contest (individual or as a team) in the contest will respectively receive:

    • Grand Prize: USD $3,500 (Cash)

    • 1st Runner Up: $2,500 (Cash)

    • 2nd Runner Up: $1,500 (Cash)

    • Top 5 most creative ideas: $500 (Cash)

    • Rookie of the Idea Contest: Neo4j Swag bag

We hope the contest is motivating enough to get you started today. Good luck!

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