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Haskell: Neo4j Community Driver

If you are a Haskell developer, this guide provides an overview of options for connecting from Haskell to Neo4j.
You should be familiar with graph database concepts and the property graph model. You should have installed Neo4j and made yourself familiar with our Cypher Query language.

Neo4j Community Drivers

Members of the each programming language community have invested a lot of time and love to develop each one of the community drivers for Neo4j, so if you use any one of them, please provide feedback to the authors.

The community drivers have been graciously contributed by the Neo4j community. Many of them are fully featured and well-maintained, but some may not be. Neo4j does not take any responsibility for their usability.

Neo4j for Haskell Developers



Haskell driver for Neo4j 3+ (BOLT protocol).

The package covers:

  • Data serialization and deserialization
  • Nodes, relationships and paths support
  • Cypher queries and responses
  • Authentification

The code was tested with neo4j versions 3.0 and 3.1.

The example movie database application uses Scotty as a web framework and comes with detailed documentation, including deployment instructions to Heroku.


Pavel Yakovlev