Enabling TLSv1.2 with IBM JDK9

Neo4j 3.4.0 only supports TLSv1.2 by default. IBM JDK9 uses the TLSv1 protocol by default. When attempting to run cypher-shell, users will be unable to connect to Neo4j.

To enable TLSv1.2 in the IBM JDK, set the following JAVA OPT:

export JAVA_OPTS='-Dcom.ibm.jsse2.overrideDefaultTLS=true'

If you want the JAVA_OPT to be set for every shell you start afterwards, add that line to ~/.profile as well. ”’

  • Last Modified: 2020-10-22 22:13:22 UTC by Dave Fauth.
  • Relevant for Neo4j Versions: 3.4.
  • Relevant keywords jdk,security, tls, cypher-shell.