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A demonstration of causal cluster routing

The following will demonstrate how to use cypher-shell to get a better understanding of a Neo4j Causal Cluster instance and its implementation of routing. The initial scenario is described with…

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Enabling TLSv1.2 with IBM JDK9

Neo4j 3.4.0 only supports TLSv1.2 by default. IBM JDK9 uses the TLSv1 protocol by default. When attempting to run cypher-shell, users will be unable to connect to Neo4j. To enable…

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Explanation of error "Failed to obtain connection towards WRITE server. Known routing table is: Ttl…​"

In Neo4j 4.0, if you are logged into the READ_REPLICA of a Causal Cluster, and execute the following command to login into cypher-shell: You will encounter this error: The reason…

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How do I authenticate with cypher-shell without specifying the username and password on the command line

When using $NEO4J_HOME/bin/cypher-shell at the command line and authentication is enabled via the setting $NEO4J_HOME/conf/neo4j.conf: a username and password can be provided on the command line using the parameters -u…

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How do I produce a profile/explain through cypher-shell and pipeing query file

If yor prepare a file with a Cypher statement that includes either a profile or explain clause and then want to pipe that file to bin/cypher-shell, to produce the profile/explain…

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Troubleshooting Connection Issues in Neo4j Browser and Cypher Shell

This page describes common issues users may encounter in connecting Neo4j Browser or cypher-shell to a Neo4j database, and how to address them. Connection Timeout Symptom: connection attempts lag for…

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