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Favorites for cypher-shell?

The Neo4j Browser has always had the ability to record favorites, i.e. a bookmark to saved cypher that you may want to run sometime in the future. bin\cypher-shell has somewhat similar functionality in that once connected one can run

Connected to Neo4j using Bolt protocol version 4.2 at neo4j://localhost:7687 as user neo4j.
Type :help for a list of available commands or :exit to exit the shell.
Note that Cypher queries must end with a semicolon.

neo4j> :source favorite1.cyp

and to which this will cause cypher-shell to run all the cypher statements that are defined in favorite1.cyp. Note you can fully qualify the filename, and thus

neo4j> :source /home/neo4j/favorites/fav1.cyp

and to which this will then cause cypher-shell to execute all the cypher statements in the file namd fav1.cyp as found at /home/neo4j/favorites