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How do I display a hostname rather than IP address in the Causal Clustering Members section of sysinfo

Via the browser one can enter :sysinfo to display data about the Neo4j system. When Neo4j is configured as a causal cluster, the bottom-right corner of the `:sysinfo' output will display the members in the cluster as depicted below:


Each of the addresses are presented as hyperlinks.

If you want to replace the IP addresses with hostnames, this can be achieved by modifying the config option dbms.connectors.default_advertised_address in the file $NEO4J_HOME/conf/neo4j.conf.

For example if you define this setting as follows:

# The address at which this server can be reached by its clients. This may be the server's IP address or DNS name, or
# it may be the address of a reverse proxy which sits in front of the server. This setting may be overridden for
# individual connectors below.

then upon restart of Neo4j, re-running :sysinfo in the browser will now yield: