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An explanation of the E_COUNT_EXCEEDED WARNing message in Neo4j’s debug.log.

The document aims to explain the E_COUNT_EXCEEDED WARNing messages that Neo4j can write to its debug.log. It also provides some monitoring and troubleshooting options. When running a Neo4j Causal Cluster,…

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How do I display a hostname rather than IP address in the Causal Clustering Members section of sysinfo

Via the browser one can enter :sysinfo to display data about the Neo4j system. When Neo4j is configured as a causal cluster, the bottom-right corner of the `:sysinfo' output will…

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How to monitor if a follower is in sync with Leader (Causal Cluster)

To monitor if a Follower is in sync with its Leader, or know how much it is lagging behind, it is possible to check the Last Commited Transaction Id from…

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Run multiple Causal Clusters locally using Docker

It’s rather easy to run multiple causal clusters on the same server or machine. You need to ensure: Each cluster needs to run on its own Docker network Overlapping port…

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Setup Routing Policies for Different User Types To Direct them to Different Servers

Problem statement There is a Causal Cluster Setup with 3 Cores and 1 Read Replica. There are 2 user groups - OLTP users and OLAP users. OLTP user queries should…

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Upgrading your Causal Cluster from 3.1.x to 3.2.x

This article outlines possible steps to upgrade your Neo4j 3.1.2+ Causal Cluster to 3.2.2. For this upgrade path, Neo4j does not support rolling upgrades, so downtime is required to complete…

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