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Manually Merging neo4j-wrapper.conf into neo4j.conf in Neo4j 3.1

Neo4j 3.1 takes the configuration changes made in Neo4j 3.0 a step further, and ships with a single configuration file: conf/neo4j.conf. This is the result of merging the contents of conf/neo4j.conf and conf/neo4j-wrapper.conf. The upgrade does not merge these automatically, and conf/neo4j-wrapper.conf is deprecated but still supported until the end of 3.x. This, merging the two is optional at this point, but a good step to take in preparation for future versions.

One can simply copy the entire contents of conf/neo4j-wrapper.conf and paste them at the end of conf/neo4j.conf. Or, use the sample script below. Just copy the script, paste into a new file with execute privileges in $NEO4J_HOME/bin, and run it:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This script will merge an existing neo4j.conf and neo4j-wrapper.conf
# This script is designed to be run from the bin/ directory of Neo4j, and expects both neo4j.conf
# and neo4j-wrapper.conf to be located in the conf/ directory.
# This is a sample script that is not part of the Neo4j project.
# Please be sure to read, understand and adapt this script as appropriate for your environment

set -o errexit -o nounset -o pipefail
[[ "${TRACE:-}" ]] && set -o xtrace

: "${NEO4J_BIN:=$(dirname "$0")}"
readonly NEO4J_BIN
. "${NEO4J_BIN}/"

main() {

  NOW=$(date +"%s")
  CONF_CONTAINS_WRAPPER=$(ls "${NEO4J_CONF}" | grep -x "neo4j-wrapper.conf" | wc -l | tr -d '[:space:]')
  # Check if there is a neo4j-wrapper.conf in conf directory
  if [ "$CONF_CONTAINS_WRAPPER" = "1" ]; then
    # Make a copy of current neo4j.conf file
    echo "Making backup of ${NEO4J_CONF}/neo4j.conf"
    cp "${NEO4J_CONF}/neo4j.conf" "${NEO4J_CONF}/neo4j.conf.bak.${NOW}"
    # Append neo4j-wrapper.conf to end of current neo4j.conf file
    echo "Appending ${NEO4J_CONF}/neo4j-wrapper.conf to the end of ${NEO4J_CONF}/neo4j.conf"
    echo "# Appended neo4j-wrapper.conf settings following this line" >> ${NEO4J_CONF}/neo4j.conf
    cat "${NEO4J_CONF}/neo4j-wrapper.conf" >> ${NEO4J_CONF}/neo4j.conf
    mv "${NEO4J_CONF}/neo4j-wrapper.conf" "${NEO4J_CONF}/neo4j-wrapper.conf.deprecated.${NOW}"
    # Success!
    echo "Successfully merged. Restart neo4j for changes to take effect."
    echo "No neo4j-wrapper.conf found, exiting"

main "$@"