How do I establish a simple HTTP Server local to my Neo4j Instance to serve CSV files

When using LOAD CSV one can define the source file to be either at a local file system (i.e load csv from ‘file:///…​’ ) or a webserver ( i.e. load csv from ‘http://…​’). Usage of a webserver might be a preferrable approach when in a Causal Cluster, since the webserver would be available regardless of which member was the leader.

If you are in need of setting up a minimalistic webserver this can be accomplished, provided one has installed Python and by running

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

The above command would start a web server at port: 8000, and the web server’s root directory would be the same as where the command was run. For example if you ran the above command in /home/neo4j/load-csv-files then https://<IP of the Neo4j Instance>:8000 would list all the files at /home/neo4j/load-csv-files. And thus your LOAD CSV cypher statement would be

load csv from '' as row .... ....

  • Last Modified: 2020-09-23 21:26:58 UTC by Dana Canzano.
  • Relevant for Neo4j Versions: 3.4, 3.5.
  • Relevant keywords load csv, http, webserver.