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A lightweight approach to testing the Neo4j REST API with Authentication

This article will show examples of how to test the Neo4j REST API for authentication via: Google Chrome Advanced REST Client Linux curl command The Neo4j REST API describes each…

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Comparing HA and Causal Clusters

The legacy HA cluster mode has been deprecated as of Neo4j version 3.5, and will be totally removed from the product in version 4.0, with 4.0 expected to be released…

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Explanation of error "Unrecognized transaction id. Transaction may have timed out and been rolled back"

When submitting a request via the Neo4j Transactional Cypher HTTP endpoint, one may encounter the following error This error may occur as a result of the transactions expiration date/time being…

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How do I establish a simple HTTP Server local to my Neo4j Instance to serve CSV files

When using LOAD CSV one can define the source file to be either at a local file system (i.e load csv from 'file:///…​' ) or a webserver ( i.e. load…

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Retired: Modifying the http.log Format on Neo4j 2.x

Prior to Neo4j 3.0, the http.log format was controlled by neo4j-http-logging.xml. The default format works fine, except when you need to diagnose problematic long-running queries. The HTTP requests to the…

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