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Explanation of error "Database constraints have changed (txId=xxxxx) after this transaction (txId=yyyyy) started, which is not yet supported"

The following error, via bin/neo4j-shell: or as logged in log/debug.log (3.x) or graph.db/messages.log (2.3.x): can be explained by the following scenario: where the exception is thrown at Oct-19-2012 09:05 by…

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Recreating Indexes and Constraints on 3.5

This article describes the process to drop and recreate all indexes and constraints on 3.5.x. This is a recommended step after upgrading from versions earlier then 3.5 so that all…

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Using Cypher to generate Cypher statements to recreate indexes and constraints

The following can be used to extract index definitions and constraint definitions from an existing database and the resultant output can be played back on another Neo4j database. For example…

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