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Add a Neo4j instance to a running embedded HA application

There are situations when we would like to use the Neo4j Browser to access an embedded HA cluster. The documented approach to accomplish that goal requires changing the embedded application…

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Change logging levels in Neo4j Embedded

In order to change the default logging levels in a Neo4j embedded instance, you must edit/define the configuration file, which is XML. In particular the file is neo4j-logback.xml. The neo4j-logback.xml…

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Embed neo4j-enterprise within your java application

The Neo4j Java Reference Documentation generally describes how to embed Neo4j Community Edition within your Java application. If you are licensed for Neo4j Enterprise, this article will guide you through…

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Solve dependency issues

There are multiple ways to include neo4j artifacts. In this article, we will focus on maven based on different scenarios or errors. The most common issue is setting up the…

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