Importing an existing database

Note: The process of importing or loading data requires you to create an AuraDS instance beforehand.

Importing an existing Neo4j database

There are two ways you can import data from an existing Neo4j database into an AuraDS instance.

The easiest way is to export a Neo4j database as a .dump file (as shown in the operations manual) and use the Import database process. This process, however, only works for .dump files under 4GB. If the size of the .dump file exported from a database is greater than 4GB, you must use the Push-to-cloud method.

Import database

To import a .dump file under 4GB:

  1. Navigate to the Neo4j Aura Console in your browser.

  2. Select the instance you want to import the database to.

  3. Select the Import Database tab.

  4. Drag and drop your .dump file into the provided window, or click on Select a .dump file and select your file.

  5. Select Upload.

When the upload is complete, the AuraDS instance goes into a Loading state as the dump is applied. Once this has finished, the instance returns to its Running state and the data is ready.


Push-to-cloud is a Neo4j Admin command that you can run to upload the contents of a Neo4j database into an AuraDS instance, regardless of the database’s size.

Instructions on running the command can be found by clicking on the Click here link in the Import Database tab or by navigating directly to the Neo4j Aura Console Import page.

When prompted that the process is complete, the data is ready.