Graph Catalog

This section details the graph catalog operations available to manage named graph projections within the Neo4j Graph Data Science library.

Graph algorithms run on a graph data model which is a projection of the Neo4j property graph data model. A graph projection can be seen as a materialized view over the stored graph, containing only analytically relevant, potentially aggregated, topological and property information. Graph projections are stored entirely in-memory using compressed data structures optimized for topology and property lookup operations.

The graph catalog is a concept within the GDS library that allows managing multiple graph projections by name. Using its name, a graph projection can be used many times in the analytical workflow. Named graphs can be projected using either a Native projection or a Cypher projection. After usage, named graphs can be removed from the catalog to free up main memory.

The graph catalog exists as long as the Neo4j instance is running. When Neo4j is restarted, graphs stored in the catalog are lost.

This chapter explains the available graph catalog operations.

Name Description


Adds a graph to the catalog using Native projection.


Adds a graph to the catalog using Cypher projection.


Adds a graph to the catalog using Cypher Aggregation.


Adds a graph to the catalog by filtering an existing graph using node and relationship predicates.


Prints information about graphs that are currently stored in the catalog.


Checks if a named graph is stored in the catalog.


Removes node properties from a named graph.


Deletes relationships of a given relationship type from a named graph.


Drops a named graph from the catalog.


Streams a single node property stored in a named graph.


Streams node properties stored in a named graph.


Streams a single relationship property stored in a named graph.


Streams relationship properties stored in a named graph.


Writes node properties stored in a named graph to Neo4j.


Writes relationships stored in a named graph to Neo4j.


Exports a named graph into a new offline Neo4j database.


Exports a named graph into CSV files.

Projecting, using, listing, and dropping named graphs are management operations bound to a Neo4j user. Graphs projected by a different Neo4j user are not accessible at any time.