This chapter contains commonly asked questions and their solutions.

I’ve upgraded from <1.1.0 and my DateTime fields aren’t sorting as expected

Due to a bug in versions less than 1.1.0, there is a chance that your DateTime fields are stored in the database as strings instead of temporal values. You should perform a rewrite of those properties in your database using a Cypher query. For an example where the affected node has label "Movie" and the affected property is "timestamp", you can do this using the following Cypher:

MATCH (m:Movie)
WHERE apoc.meta.type(m.timestamp) = "STRING"
SET m.timestamp = datetime(m.timestamp)

I’ve created some data and then gone to query it, but it’s not there

If you use a causal cluster or an Aura Professional instance, there is a chance that the created data is not yet present on the server which gets connected to on the next GraphQL query.

You can ensure that the data is available to query by passing a bookmark into your request - see Specifying Neo4j Bookmarks for more information.