Neo4j GraphQL Toolbox

The Neo4j GraphQL Toolbox is an onboarding, low-code tool that can be integrated to Neo4j. It was created for development and experimentation with Neo4j GraphQL APIs. With it, you can:

  1. Connect to a Neo4j database with valid credentials.

  2. Define (or introspect) the type definitions.

  3. Build the Neo4j GraphQL schema.

  4. Experiment, query, and play.

Connect to a Neo4j database

Before you start using the Toolbox, make sure you have followed all requirements to run a Neo4j database. You can use Neo4j Desktop or Neo4j AuraDB for that.

Set the type definitions

  1. Set your type definitions directly in the Toolbox editor or introspect the Neo4j database you connected to.

    If you followed the Getting started tutorial, you should see these type definitions in the GraphQL Toolbox:

    type Actor {
      actedInMovies: [Movie!]! @relationship(type: "ACTED_IN", direction: OUT)
      name: String!
    type Movie {
      actorsActedIn: [Actor!]! @relationship(type: "ACTED_IN", direction: IN)
      title: String!
    GraphQL Toolbox schema view
  2. Click the button "Build schema" and then go to the Query editor tab.

  3. Query the Neo4j database using the autogenerated GraphQL queries and mutations from the @neo4j/graphql library:

      actors {
    GraphQL Toolbox editor view

The query returns the name of the single actor in the database:

{ "data": { "actors": [{ "name": "Tom Hanks" }] } }

Store type definitions as favorite

You can store your type definitions as favorites and access a range of settings to work with.

  1. Go to the Type definitions tab and click on the star icon to save it as a favorite:

    Save a type definition as favorite