Using with Neo4j AuraDB

This chapter describes considerations around using Neo4j Connector for Apache Spark with Neo4j AuraDB.


Neo4j AuraDB is a fully managed cloud graph database service.

Connecting to AuraDB

Connecting to Neo4j AuraDB is similar to connecting to on-premise Neo4j instances, but keep in mind:

  • Always use a neo4j+s:// driver URI when communicating with the cluster in the client application. The optimal driver URI is provided by AuraDB itself when you create a database.

  • In AuraDB Enterprise consider creating a separate username/password for Spark access; avoid running all processes through the default neo4j account.

Connecting to AuraDB from Spark on Databricks

AuraDB customers connecting from Databricks may encounter SSL handshake errors due to Databricks' custom Java security settings removing certain cipher support.

See the AuraDB support article Connecting to Aura with Databricks for more information and instructions on how to configure your Databricks cluster to support connections to AuraDB.