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Enterprise Edition

The same great features as Community Edition, with enterprise-grade availability, management, and scale-up and scale-out capabilities.

Community Edition

Ideal for learning Neo4j and smaller do-it-yourself projects that do not require high levels of scaling or professional services and support.

A Closer Look at Neo4j Editions

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Property Graph Model
Native Graph Processing & Storage
Cypher – Graph Query Language
Language Drivers most popular languages
High-Performance Native API
HTTPS (via Plug-in)

Performance & Scalability Features



Enterprise Lock Manager
Cache Sharding
Clustered Replication
Cypher Query Tracing
Property Existence Constraints
Hot Backups
Advanced Monitoring

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Using Neo4j allowed us to focus on the important parts of the project: getting the domain model right, extracting novel insights from the data and delivering business value quickly.

Toby O’Rourke
Technical Architect, Gamesys