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When Your LLM Systems Meet Real Life: Talks by AI/ML Practitioners

Join us for an engaging in-person meetup in San Francisco featuring talks by LLM and AI practitioners.

This event will delve into the latest advancements and best practices in evaluating LLM-powered applications and we’ll explore the often overlooked blind spots in Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) datasets.

Topics that will be covered:

✅ LLM Evaluation: Explore methodologies and metrics for assessing the performance and reliability of your LLM applications.

✅ Biases in RAG: Hidden biases and gaps can compromise the accuracy and reliability of generated responses. We will demonstrate how to identify areas with overrepresentation and underrepresentation, using a case study to highlight these blind spots.

This meetup is sponsored by Deepchecks, Neo4J, & Pinecone.

This meetup is ideal for AI researchers, data scientists, AI application engineers, and technology managers building RAG applications.

​GPT on a Leash: Principles of Systematic LLM Evaluation with Philip Tannor, DeepChecks
​From Unseen to Seen: Shedding Light on Overlooked Blindspots in RAG Datasets with Alison Cossette