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jPrime 2024 – The Evolution of Integration Testing within Spring and Quarkus

In this session, we will look at how the landscape of integration tests, especially in a setup that requires external services, has changed over the past 5 years. Back at Spring Boot 2.0 times testing your application against external services such as databases, message queues and alike was still kind of a mess: Several approaches like Docker Maven plugin existed, but they have been a lot of caveats and downsides.

With the rise of Testcontainers, things changed a lot. We will have a quick look what it means creating a Testcontainers module – using Neo4j as an example – and then going from the original Spring approach with dynamic properties, the breath of fresh air that Quarkus introduced with their Devservices into modern testing with Spring Boot 3.1.

I will also demonstrate how valuable a programmatic approach is for me as a developer of services that must be compatible with a broad range of database versions and what role a cloud offering for Testcontainers plays.

Speaker: Michael Simons, Neo4j
Tsarigradsko Shosse 115B
Sofia, Bulgaria
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