Full Stack GraphQL Applications with React, Node.js and Neo4j

Fullstack GraphQL Applications with React, Node.js, and Neo4j


By William Lyon

Publisher: Manning

Print Length: 263 pages

Available Formats: PDF - EN US


Many books describe a single technology, but few show you step by step how to build an application using modern components.

Full Stack GraphQL Applications teaches you how to use GraphQL with React, Node.js, and Neo4j to build complex, data-intensive applications.

This practical book describes everything you need to know about creating a full-stack GraphQL application from start to finish. You’ll find:

  • Clear explanations of everything you need to build your application
  • Hands-on exercises to reinforce your understanding
  • Ways to leverage the Neo4j GraphQL Library
  • Details on building the frontend of your application
  • Practical topics like cloud deployment and security

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About the Author
William Lyon is a Developer Relations Engineer at Neo4j. He also heads up the Neo4j Data Journalism Accelerator Program.

Prior to joining Neo4j, William worked as software developer for several startups in the real estate, quantitative finance and predictive API spaces. William holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Montana.