Release Date: 11 September 2019

Breaking Changes:

  • Graph algorithms is only compatible with Neo4j 3.5.9 and above. If you cannot update your Neo4j installation, the most recent compatible release for Neo4j 3.5.8 is

New Features

  • algo.graph.list() has been added to allow users to list all loaded graphs.
  • Pruning: Community algorithms now prune their statistical results based on the YIELD clause. This provides significant performance improvements when the histogram output is not requested by the user.


  • Huge Graph relationship loading enhancements:  Similar to the existing functionality of  the Cypher graph loader, Huge graph now supports relationship deduplication and multiple relationships when duplicateRelationships is configured when loading the graph.
  • Graph management: algo.graph.list() is a new procedure that returns a list of loaded graphs and their information.

Other Changes

  • The Cypher projection loader now produces a Huge graph instead of a Heavy graph internally.