Release date: 5 August, 2020

GDS 1.3.1 is compatible with Neo4j 4.0 and 4.1, but not Neo4j 3.5.x. For a 3.5 compatible release, please see GDS 1.1.3.

See also 1.3.0 release notes

Breaking changes

  • Fixed result column name embeddings to embedding in GraphSAGE, to align with the other embeddings.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a regression where WCC could run more slowly with higher concurrency.
  • Fixed a bug where similarity algorithms would not remove the placeholder graph if config validation fails on invalid user input.
  • Parallel edges in the graph no longer impacts Local Clustering Coefficient and Triangle Count results.
  • Fixed a bug in Node2Vec where many disconnected nodes would cause a StackOverflowError


  • In a multi database environment, Named graphs can only be used on the same database they have been created on.
  • returns the database name the graph has been created on.
  • Fixed a bug where community statistic computation could overflow for large community ids.