Accelerate Innovation Through Graph Thinking

Welcome to the Neo4j Innovation Lab!

Neo4j has been a thought leader and advocate for connected thinking for decades. With our market-pioneering graph platform, we’ve been implementing some of the most impactful graph applications in the world. With over 300 enterprise customers, including most of the Fortune 500, it is safe to say that no other vendor has more experience and insights around the best practices of adopting graphs than Neo4j. Now we’re able to share these methodologies with you in our Innovation Lab Sprints.

By having your team participating in a Lab Sprint, we guarantee that you will gain a deep understanding of Graph Thinking and the possibilities in innovation and digital transformation within your organization that are unlocked by adopting Neo4j and the connected data paradigm.

The Innovation Lab Sprint is a 3.5-day on-site Design Sprint, where we generate and prototype graph projects together with our customers.

What makes this a uniquely effective process is that we bring you a cross-functional team consisting of our best graph specialists, design thinking-facilitators and UX-designers to work with your team — typically composed of technical, IT and business stakeholders.

Since our first pilot project in June 2017, dozens of organizations have participated in our Lab Sprints, including large financial institutions, academic researchers, retail giants, media and software companies, heavy industry companies, and health care providers.

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