Aura is the quickest and easiest way to deploy and manage Neo4j’s graph technology in the Cloud

Neo4j Aura is a fit-for-purpose solution for the cloud-native developer, letting you focus on developing rich, graph-powered applications without the effort of managing infrastructure. Built on the world’s most popular graph platform, it is purpose-built for data relationships, enabling fast, scalable insights across connected data sets.

Zero Administration

Provision in minutes, scale on-demand, automated service upgrades, patches, and maintenance all with no downtime or maintenance window.

Production Ready

Enterprise-grade security, reliability and data durability for critical data. Highly available, self-healing infrastructure with fully-managed backups for automated data recovery.

Developer Friendly

Build apps faster and easier with lightning fast query performance, drivers, native tools, and integrations to manipulate, visualize and analyze your data, supported by the largest graph community.

Predictable Cost

Easily understood capacity based pricing structure with hourly billing and no variable costs, rates starting as low as 9 cents an hour.

Cloud Marketplace:

Neo4j Aura is available from Google Cloud Marketplace and provides an integrated service experience across management, billing and support. Simplify your procurement and use your existing spend commitments to Google Cloud for Neo4j Aura usage.

Get started with Aura on Google Cloud Platform.