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The network is a graph poised to help telecoms

Neo4j’s Emil Eifrem explains a new way of looking at data that will enable companies to better understand and problem-solve the components, services and behaviours…read more →

Financial Times turns to graph technology to connect its vast array of data

“Like a lot of other companies, at the FT a lot of important stuff runs on bits of tech which are are quite old, and…read more →

Graphdatenbanken im Kampf gegen Diabetes

Medizinische Daten sind heterogen, komplex und umfangreich. Das macht die Forschung an neuen Behandlungsmethoden und Medikamenten nicht gerade einfacher. Graphdatenbanken stellen hier die Weichen für…read more →

Understanding the maturing role of graph databases in the enterprise

However, a major paradigm shift towards graph by more general enterprises seems to be underway. The graph database platform, Neo4j, for example, claim 76% of…read more →

How Google Is Part of the Cloudification of Open Source

Picking “best of breed” open source databases to feature as managed services is a response to the on-going antagonism between open source and AWS that…read more →

Understanding the maturing role of graph databases in the enterprise

For organisations interested in adopting graph databases, there are a number of challenges to consider around upskilling existing staff and finding new streams of talent.…read more →

Bloor Mutable Award 2019

Bloor Research recognises Neo4j with in its recent Graph Database Market report. The Bloor Mutable Awards are presented to software vendors who enable organizations to…read more →

Graph databases gain momentum with public cloud providers Google and Microsoft

Two recent, related partnerships between highly specialised “graph” database developers and public cloud platform providers underscores the importance of specialised databases capable of surfacing insights…read more →

Neo4j: 2019 Big Data 100

The Coolest Big Data Management And Integration Software Of The 2019 Big Data 100 Neo4j provides the Neo4j Graph Platform including the Neo4j graph database,…read more →

Women Leading The AI Industry

As part of my series about the women leading the Artificial Intelligence industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Hodler, a network science devotee,…read more →
Bloor Research: Neo4j Mutable Award 2019  

Bloor Research Neo4j InBrief

Download Bloor Research – Neo4j InBrief “Neo4j is the clear market leader in the graph space. It has the most users, it uses a widely…read more →

How to make the case for design thinking

Some individuals may not appreciate the value of the empathy-based research methods employed in design thinking. Other people may be skeptical of something that seems…read more →
Free Download O'Reilly Graph Algorithms book  

New O’Reilly Graph Algorithms Book Now Available

Reveal Hidden Patterns in Data and Enhance Machine Learning Predictions using Apache Spark & Neo4j   SPARK + AI SUMMIT, SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – April…read more →

How an 18th century Maths puzzle solves 21st century problems

This is a guest blogpost by Emil Eifrem, CEO, Neo4j, in which he explains how an elegant solution to the mathematical puzzle to find the…read more →  

Predictive Maintenance im Fuhrpark: Wie Michelin mit Graph und RFID Reifen wartet

Der Reifenhersteller Michelin setzt für seinen Service „Tire Asset Management“ auf smarte Technologien. Neben RFID zur Übertragung der Sensordaten kommt dabei auch Graphtechnologie zum Einsatz.…read more →

Google takes a run at enterprise cloud data management

Google, in some cases, has its own databases to offer for these specialized NoSQL options. But improving the lot of special databases expands what is…read more →

On Neo4j and Google Cloud Partnership. Q&A with Lance Walter

Neo4j for Google Cloud will be delivered as a seamless, first-class experience integrated with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) console, with integrated identity and access…read more →

Daimler gerät ins Schwärmen

Mit automatisierten Tools und smarten Produkten allein gelingt noch keine digitale Transformation. Denn die ist grundlegender, reicht tiefer und wirkt bis in die DNA von…read more →

OK Google, what’s Next? Google Cloud auf Aufholjagd

Die letzten Monate war es still um die Google Cloud, bis letzte Woche. Da präsentierte die Alphabet-Tochter auf der jährlichen Google Cloud Next-Konferenz in San…read more →

Google Cloud Next postmortem: Thomas Kurian wants the right people

With the hiring of Tom Kurian, Google Cloud Platform gains an executive highly experienced with running an enterprise computing business. Among his earliest priorities for…read more →
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