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Graph Database Technology – The Power To Probe Complex Pharma Datasets

Pharmiweb discusses how graph databases can help probe complex pharma datasets, authored by Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo4j. The article gives examples of Medical and pharma use cases to spotlight graphs’ capabilities. Graph technology, thanks to its in-built capabilities to… Read more →


The Fallacy of Non-Native Graph Databases: Why Native is the Answer

TechSeen discusses native vs non-native graph databases bylined by Jim Webber, Chief Scientist of Neo4j. As the graph database industry grows in popularity, more organizations are recognizing the value of connected data and are investigating new ways to become a… Read more →


How do we get a better picture of the IoT?

IOT Now shares how telco Telia is using Neo4j’s graph database to help it recognise the important patterns as they emerge, from an IoT perspective in the home. An excerpt: The graph database Neo4J acts as a conduit, protecting the… Read more →


Graph databases strive to tackle fake news

IDG Connect features interviews with Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo4j, and discusses how graph databases can help curb of fake news. An excerpt: Neo was one of the enabling companies that helped journalists to track their way through the three… Read more →


Graph Databases Helping Banking with Digital Transformation

The Global Banking & Finance Review magazine covers a bylined-article on graphs, connected data and dependency management by Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo4j. Emil looks at how dependency management techniques and technologies are being utilized in financial services to develop… Read more →


Telia gets into the connected home zone using Neo4j

DataIQ discusses how Telia Zone provides a solution embedded into the wifi router that aims to “simplify everyday life making time at home more enjoyable, together” using Neo4j. An excerpt: Graph analytics is at the heart of how Telia Zone is understanding… Read more →


Neo4j and NASA: When graph database technology really is rocket science

ZDNet interviews NASA’s David Meza to discuss how NASA has been using graph database technology from Neo4j to help with rock science. An excerpt: The capabilities that allowed me to look at relationships a lot easier or, in other words, a… Read more →


Neo Technology CEO Emil Eifrem to Speak at The Xconomy Retreat on Technology, Jobs, and Growth in Napa

Emil Eifrem to Discuss Artificial Intelligence with Manoj Saxena, a Founding Managing Director at The Entrepreneurs’ Fund SAN MATEO, CA — (Marketwired – June 8, 2017) –  Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, announced today that… Read more →


Neo4j Graph Database Used by the ICIJ Helps Unlock the Panama Papers

Fortune discusses how tech made the Pulitzer Prize-winning Panama Papers coverage possible. Journalists work with Neo4j to visualize the relationships between the people and organizations mentioned in the data. An excerpt: If that data were left in SQL form, finding… Read more →


How Graph Database Tech is Helping Improve Businesses: from Telcos to Airbnb

In this article from Information Age, a highly regarded business and technology publication, it details how Neo4j’s graph technology is helping businesses to improve operations, from Telco, Airbnb, to Deutsche Bahn. An excerpt: “Neo4j can easily model complex relationships, plus it… Read more →


Neo4j CEO: Smart Homes Won’t Work Without Smart Data

In this article from the Internet of Business, which is informing IoT and the Connected World, Neo4j CEO Emil Eifrem discusses how smart homes won’t work without smart data. An excerpt: “While it’s true that simple smart home IoT problems… Read more →


Graph databases and RDF: It’s a family affair

The influential ZDNet Big Data Team’s George Anadiotis reports in depth on RDF Stores, highlighting the GraphConnect session from Jesus Barassa and comments from an interview with Emil. “RDF stores are very strongly index based. Neo4j is navigational (implements index free… Read more →


Neo4j CEO Emil on the impact of the Panama Paper and the future of graph database technology

ZDNet’s Colin Barker, has run a long-form article, based on his interview with Emil. It details Neo Technology’s market lead, the Panama Papers, NASA and the Accelerator Program and the Fellowship, with plenty of backlinks.  An excerpt: “The Panama Papers was… Read more →


How to use graph technology to detect money laundering

In this article from Bob’s guide, connecting buyers and sellers of financial technology globally, Neo Technology’s Emil Eifrem looks at how graph technology can help governments, companies and professional fraud investigators piece together evidence against money laundering operations. “Graph technology… Read more →


Database War-To-End-All-Wars

Diginomica, written by the UK’s most heavyweight tech journalists, profiles Neo Technology, its technology, use cases, market penetration, and customers. An excerpt: “But if the idea of co-existence and applicability of new exotic data software to our new exotic problems pans out, then… Read more →


The Continuing Rise of Graph Databases

The ZDNet article profiles Neo4j and its technology in depth – and very much highlights Neo Technology’s market strength. A standout quote “When it comes to graph technology, most people would probably first think of one name: Neo4j.”  As Neo4j CEO Emil said,”Our… Read more →


How Life Science Researchers Can Uncover Meaningful Insights With Graph Technology

In this article from the Pharmexec, Neo4j CEO Emil Eifrem examines how life science researchers can uncover new insights using the in-built power of graph technology. An excerpt: “Many researchers and data modelers in life sciences have recognized that graph technology,… Read more →


Introducing Neo4j 3.2: The Graph Foundation for Internet-scale Applications

Latest Version of Neo4j Delivers Multi-Data Center Support, Enterprise Governance capabilities and Performance Improvements Across the Entire Native Graph Stack LONDON, UK – (Marketwired – May 11, 2017) – GraphConnect Europe – Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading… Read more →

Learn all about the 10 most spectacular speakers at GraphConnect Europe in 2017  

GraphConnect Europe Set To Deliver A-List Enterprise And Data Journalism Speakers

Airbnb, Capgemini, Telia and others set to join Neo Technology leadership on stage at Europe’s biggest graph database event to discuss the future of graph technology  LONDON, April 11, 2017: Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, the world’s favourite graph database,… Read more →


Big Data Medicines & New Ways of Working With That Big Data

In this article from TechX365, which is associated with London Tech Week, Neo4j CEO Emil Eifrem discusses how the medical world can use new technology like graph databases to understand big data in medicine. An excerpt: “In biology, however, everything… Read more →

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