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Neo4j CEO Emil on the impact of the Panama Paper and the future of graph database technology

ZDNet’s Colin Barker, has run a long-form article, based on his interview with Emil. It details Neo Technology’s market lead, the Panama Papers, NASA and the Accelerator Program and the Fellowship, with plenty of backlinks.  An excerpt: “The Panama Papers was… Read more →


How to use graph technology to detect money laundering

In this article from Bob’s guide, connecting buyers and sellers of financial technology globally, Neo Technology’s Emil Eifrem looks at how graph technology can help governments, companies and professional fraud investigators piece together evidence against money laundering operations. “Graph technology… Read more →


Database War-To-End-All-Wars

Diginomica, written by the UK’s most heavyweight tech journalists, profiles Neo Technology, its technology, use cases, market penetration, and customers. An excerpt: “But if the idea of co-existence and applicability of new exotic data software to our new exotic problems pans out, then… Read more →


The Continuing Rise of Graph Databases

The ZDNet article profiles Neo4j and its technology in depth – and very much highlights Neo Technology’s market strength. A standout quote “When it comes to graph technology, most people would probably first think of one name: Neo4j.”  As Neo4j CEO Emil said,”Our… Read more →


How Life Science Researchers Can Uncover Meaningful Insights With Graph Technology

In this article from the Pharmexec, Neo4j CEO Emil Eifrem examines how life science researchers can uncover new insights using the in-built power of graph technology. An excerpt: “Many researchers and data modelers in life sciences have recognized that graph technology,… Read more →


Introducing Neo4j 3.2: The Graph Foundation for Internet-scale Applications

Latest Version of Neo4j Delivers Multi-Data Center Support, Enterprise Governance capabilities and Performance Improvements Across the Entire Native Graph Stack LONDON, UK – (Marketwired – May 11, 2017) – GraphConnect Europe – Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading… Read more →

Learn all about the 10 most spectacular speakers at GraphConnect Europe in 2017  

GraphConnect Europe Set To Deliver A-List Enterprise And Data Journalism Speakers

Airbnb, Capgemini, Telia and others set to join Neo Technology leadership on stage at Europe’s biggest graph database event to discuss the future of graph technology  LONDON, April 11, 2017: Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, the world’s favourite graph database,… Read more →


Big Data Medicines & New Ways of Working With That Big Data

In this article from TechX365, which is associated with London Tech Week, Neo4j CEO Emil Eifrem discusses how the medical world can use new technology like graph databases to understand big data in medicine. An excerpt: “In biology, however, everything… Read more →


A Year Later, Neo4j Continues to Collaborate with the ICIJ

A year after the original announcement, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) continues to work on the database of information from the infamous Panama Papers. In this article from Fast Company, Mar Cabra, the head of data and research… Read more →


Neo Technology #21 on IDG’s Enterprise Tech Startups To Watch

IDG’s 2017 list of Enterprise Tech Startups to Watch includes Neo Technology as #21. An excerpt: “The company already counts an impressive host of customers from across industry verticals. Neo’s database technology helped the ICIJ organize and present the information… Read more →


Small Startups are Taking On Big Data

The Mercury News wrote about Neo Technology in an article today. They conducted an interview with CEO Emil Eifrem to explain how smaller startups handle big data. See excerpt below: Delivering an eBay order in under 30 minutes, mining 11… Read more →


The Birth of Graph Databases: How Neo4j Built its Product and Category

In this interview with Forbes, Neo4j CEO Emil Eifrem explains how he invented the term “graph database” and developed it into a new market category. Eifrem: The first few years involved a lot of boot strapping. We were consulting, we… Read more →


Over 19,000 NoSQL Users on LinkedIn Listed with Neo4j Skills

Today Neo Technology, creator of the world’s leading graph database Neo4j, announced that more than 19,000 professionals have listed Neo4j as a skill on LinkedIn, and more than 500 have taken extra steps and become “Neo4j Certified Professionals.”

neo4j community  

Neo Technology Caps another Record Year with Continued Customer, Product and Community Growth

Powering the Panama Papers investigation and securing $36M in series D funding, Neo Technology propels graph databases into mainstream Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, concluded a record year in 2016 with Global 2000 as the fastest… Read more →


Qualia Media Customers Experience Greater ROI with Identity Graph Analysis

Neo4j Powers a 1.2 Terabytes Size Data with Nearly Three Billion Nodes and Nine Billion Relationships to Create the World’s Largest Consumer Identity Graph Neo Technology, creator of the world’s leading graph database Neo4j, announced today that it has enhanced Qualia… Read more →

Bloor Research Product Sheet  

Neo4j Named Operational Graph Database Champion by Bloor

Bloor’s 2016 Graph and RDF Databases report highlights Neo4j’s high performance and increased focus on scale, its impressive track record and its strong partner base as big-name software vendors race to embed graph databases in their enterprise solutions Neo Technology… Read more →

Neo4j 3.1  

Neo Technology to Host Neo4j 3.1 Live Launch Event

Virtual event provides an exclusive opportunity to learn about the graph database space and gain a comprehensive understanding of Neo4j 3.x series Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j — the world’s leading graph database — today announced that it is hosting a live… Read more →


Neo Technology, Creators of Neo4j, Secures $36M in Series D Funding

Neo Technology, Creators of Neo4j, Secures $36M in New Funds as Graph Databases Become an Enterprise Standard Leading graph database provider builds momentum as connected enterprises seek value in large volumes of data San Mateo, Calif. – November 10, 2016… Read more →


Introducing Neo4j 3.1: The Graph Foundation for the Enterprise

Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced the release of Neo4j 3.1, a major release with new operational and security features that make it easier to deploy Neo4j broadly across an entire enterprise. Neo4j 3.1… Read more →

InfoWorld Bossie Award - Best Open Source Datacenter and Cloud Software  

Neo4j Graph Database Wins 2016 InfoWorld Bossie Award

Leading Graph Database Named a Winner in the Best Open Source Datacenter and Cloud Software category Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, announced today that Neo4j is a winner of the prestigious InfoWorld Bossie Award in… Read more →

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