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Datanami: Neo4j helps in easy handling of GDPR compliance strategies

Neo4j helps in easy handling of GDPR compliance strategies and reduce compliance risk. Facebook recently lost $120 billion in market cap in a single day, citing three reasons for its Q2 earnings miss and lowered earnings expectations: the Cambridge Analytical… Read more →


Neo4j Named to JMP Securities 2018 List of “Hot 100 Privately Held Software Companies”

Neo4j honored to earn a spot on this year’s JMP Securities 2018 List of Hot 100 companies JMP Securities, a San Francisco-based, full-service investment bank, publishes its annual “Hot 100” list to highlight the best privately held software companies as… Read more →


Verdict: Neo4j helps in preventing Fake News

Fake news: Could "moral tech" emerge to protect us? Currently being blamed for everything from Brexit to influencing the US elections, fake news is increasingly seen as a genuine danger to democracy.Technology is certainly a huge factor in the rise… Read more →


Database Trends: Is Today’s Data Market Outgrowing the Relational Database Model?

Neo4j with IoT makes sense to the Data Market. This year is an expansive one for the database ecosystems that have evolved around the major platforms. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing are now mainstream… Read more →


Dataversity: The Emergence of ”Metadata Science”, Using Neo4j Graph Technology for Data Modeling

Turning a CmapTools concept map into a graph metamodel in Neo4j. Thomas Frisendal worked with a government client on a Knowledge Graph kind of project and being government, much of their data is public information. And, consequently, so are the… Read more →


Neo4j Included in The New Stack- Neo4j’s Emil Eifrem on Graph Databases and Machine Learning

Discover how Neo4j graph database company can compete with machine learning and AI. When it comes to machine learning and the GraphDB database system, " We’re in the first inning of a nine-inning game," said Emil Eifrem, CEO and founder… Read more →


Neo4j Included in Smart Data Collective – A Standard Graph Query Language Could Be Coming

The International Standards Organization is considering a standard for Graph Query Language (GQL.) The International Standards Organization is considering a standard for Graph Query Language (GQL) which would ultimately allow for interoperability not only between Graph DBMS but eventually with… Read more →


Neo4j Included in Diginomica Government – Graph the technology Mrs May doesn’t know about that could help beat complex diseases?

Graph technology Mrs May doesn’t know about that could help beat complex diseases? Last month, Prime Minister Theresa May set a national health and technology ‘Grand Challenge’: that by 2030, the United Kingdom will use data, Artificial Intelligence and innovation… Read more →


Neo4j Included in Forbes – Are Semantic Connectors The Key To Scalable Graph ETL?

Why Graph ETL Is Different? With a property graph of the type that Neo4j implements, ETL is like an RDBMS in terms of loading the nodes and putting the properties in the nodes. But with graphs, the ETL must also… Read more →


Neo4j Included in TechTarget – Can good data approaches help uncover bad data social manipulation?

Software definitely helped cause the pernicious problem of fake news – but could also ameliorate it, says data expert Emil Eifrem, in a guest blogpost. Time was it was the tabloid newspapers that cornered the market when it came to… Read more →


Neo4j Included in press release for Inside BigData- Trend Line Industry

As creator and leader of graph databases, we’ve always been singularly focused on building connected data into a market category. As a company, Neo4j has invested heavily to ensure that our customers are successful, whatever their deployment style: on premises, hybrid or cloud. Read more →


Neo4j Included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics 2018

The Data Management Solutions for the analytic market enjoys a dynamic resurgence, new vendors are evolving as the cloud’s solidifies and changing the way the new vendors are stepping into data management solution analytics. Neo4j strengths and recognitions Graph DBMS:… Read more →


Neo4j CEO on graph databases and the 5 ways to compete against cloud platforms

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Neo4j founder and CEO Emil Eifrem discusses the sustaining value of graph databases, more than a decade since the first release of Neo4j and terms like “social graph” and “knowledge graph” became commonplace.… Read more →


Transmuting Documents Into Graphs

Learn how to scan documents using and NLP library and then turn that data into interesting visualizations using big data techniques. Read more:


The Team Behind The Panama Papers Turns Its Focus On West Africa

The ICIJ’s most recent project focuses not on a new trove of documents, but on a region of the world that’s received relatively little journalistic attention: West Africa. The new West Africa Leaks project forged partnerships with journalists in 11… Read more →

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