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Graph database biz Neo4j doubles total funding courtesy of $80m E-series splurge

Excerpt from article published in The Register Graph database-flinger Neo4J has doubled its total funding after bagging $80m in E-round funding. The biz, which is headquartered in Silicon Valley but has strong links to Europe via Swedish founder and CEO… Read more →


Graph databases get a boost as market leader Neo4j raises $80M

Excerpt from article published in SiliconANGLE Graph database maker Neo4j Inc. said today it has raised an $80 million late-stage funding round, doubling the company’s total venture capital investment to $160 million and making it the best-funded startup in its… Read more →


Neo4j raises $80 million in Series E Funding

Excerpt from article published in SD Times Graph database solution provider Neo4j has closed an Series E round of funding at $80 million. This brings the company’s total growth funding to $160 million since 2007. The funding will be used… Read more →

Business Insider  

Morgan Stanley is investing millions in the startup that helped crack the Panama Papers

Excerpt from article, “Morgan Stanley is investing millions in the startup that helped crack the Panama Papers, bringing its total funding to $160 million”, published in Business Insider Not many startups can take credit for helping to power cancer research,… Read more →


Graph database firm Neo4j raises $80 million in funding round

Excerpt from article published in Reuters Neo4j Inc, a graph database firm whose technology was used in investigating the “Panama Papers,” said on Thursday it closed an $80 million Series E funding round led by One Peak Partners and Morgan… Read more →


Neo4j nabs $80M Series E as graph database tech flourishes

Neo4j has helped popularize the graph database. Today it was rewarded with an $80 million Series E to bring their products to a wider market in what could be the company’s last private fundraise. The round was led by One Peak… Read more →


Neo4j raises $80 million for next-generation graph databases

Graph databases — also known as graph-oriented databases — use graph structures for semantic queries, with nodes, edges, and properties representing and storing data. They’re a type of non-relational technology that depicts relationships connecting various entities — for instance, two… Read more →

Digital Sweden  

Svenska techbolaget utmanas av Amazon – tar in 730 miljoner kronor

Svenska Neo4J:s grafdatabas gör succé bland globala storkunder. Nu fyller techbolaget på kassan med 730 miljoner kronor för att fäkta undan konkurrensen från Amazon och Microsoft. ”Pengarna räcker fram till en börsnotering”, säger grundaren Emil Eifrém. Read full article →… Read more →

Neo4j Series E funding graph  

Neo4j Closes $80 Million in Series E Funding

One Peak Partners and Morgan Stanley Lead Single Largest Investment in Graph Technology SAN MATEO, Calif. – Nov. 01, 2018 – Neo4j, the leader in graph databases, announced today that it has closed an $80 million Series E funding round… Read more →

Neo4j Series E funding graph  

Malmöbolaget Neo4j tar in över 730 miljoner SEK i ny finansieringsrunda (serie E)

One Peak Partners och Morgan Stanley leder största enskilda investeringen i ett grafdatabasbolag någonsin Malmö, 1 November, 2018 – Svenska techbolaget Neo4j – som är världsledande inom grafdatabaser – offentliggör i dag att man slutfört en finansieringsrunda om USD 80… Read more →


TechTarget: Neo4j graph database targets AI use cases performance

The Neo4j graph database is poised for use in AI applications, in which understanding data can stymie efforts. Some in the database software industry are skeptical of the proposition that graph databases are vital to AI application development. After all,… Read more →


Life science researchers study large datasets and uncover potential new insights with the power of Neo4j

German centre for diabetes research changes its approach to handling data with Neo4j The emergence of big data and other advances in technological innovation has provided medical researchers, among others, with the opportunity to attain valuable, previously unobtainable insight with… Read more →


ZD Net: Neo4j helps diabetes researches to find the hidden connections for the metabolic disease diabetes

Diabetes researchers are using Neo4j’s technology to find hidden connections in medical data. Understanding more about diabetes is key to treating and preventing the disease. Germany’s DZD centre of diabetic research is using graph database technology from Neo4j to learn… Read more →


DZone Database: Neo4j Graph Technology – Effective Solution to Internal Risk Models for FRTB Compliance

Risk modeling is a key component of FRTB compliance. Neo4j can make this implementation easier than an ordinary RDBMs. Relational database technology can’t handle what is coming in banking and risk modeling. By the 2020s, Accenture predicts current banking business… Read more →


Neo4j’s Emil Eifrem examines how Munich’s DZD are studying large datasets and uncovering exciting new insights using graph database technology

Diabetes Research Using New Data Models Makes Fresh Research Connections The emergence of Big Data and other advances in data science approaches and tools are providing medical researchers with the opportunity for previously unobtainable insight – insights that have the… Read more →


Will GQL Be The SQL Of Graphs?

Neo4j motivation for GQL Manifesto- GQL be the SQL of Graphs The world of graph databases has been a tremendous cornucopia of innovation. Now that graphs are becoming a mainstream part of computing infrastructure for all different types of companies,… Read more →


MarTech Advisor: Neo4j Expands Graph Platform with Neo4j 3.5, Powers AI and ML Systems

Neo4j announced Neo4j 3.5, the native graph platform designed to drive the success and adoption of real-time business applications Neo4j customers have demonstrated that connected graphs are a foundational element of enterprise AI applications. Graph-based data models provide the necessary… Read more →


Josh Bersin: Neo4j helps in Network-Based HCM Platform

Neo4j graph database helps in unveiling the new Network-Based HCM Platform Over the last 3-4 years ADP has been secretly building an entirely new HCM platform to go along with the company’s completely new re-engineered payroll engine (below). This new… Read more →


SiliconAngle: Neo4j tunes its graph engine for AI applications

Neo4j is targeting artificial intelligence and machine learning applications with a new version of its graph database Graph engines differ from conventional relational and NoSQL databases in that they document connections between data elements. That enables organizations to map relationships… Read more →


Techcrunch: AI could help push Neo4j graph database growth

Neo4j is useful to help find connections across a vast data set, and helps in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Today, Neo4j, the makers of the open source and commercial graph database platform, announced the release of Neo4j 3.5, which… Read more →

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