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Neo4j Included in The New Stack- Neo4j’s Emil Eifrem on Graph Databases and Machine Learning

Discover how Neo4j graph database company can compete with machine learning and AI. When it comes to machine learning and the GraphDB database system, " We’re in the first inning of a nine-inning game," said Emil Eifrem, CEO and founder… Read more →


Neo4j Included in Smart Data Collective – A Standard Graph Query Language Could Be Coming

The International Standards Organization is considering a standard for Graph Query Language (GQL.) The International Standards Organization is considering a standard for Graph Query Language (GQL) which would ultimately allow for interoperability not only between Graph DBMS but eventually with… Read more →


Neo4j Included in Diginomica Government – Graph the technology Mrs May doesn’t know about that could help beat complex diseases?

Graph technology Mrs May doesn’t know about that could help beat complex diseases? Last month, Prime Minister Theresa May set a national health and technology ‘Grand Challenge’: that by 2030, the United Kingdom will use data, Artificial Intelligence and innovation… Read more →


Neo4j Included in Forbes – Are Semantic Connectors The Key To Scalable Graph ETL?

Why Graph ETL Is Different? With a property graph of the type that Neo4j implements, ETL is like an RDBMS in terms of loading the nodes and putting the properties in the nodes. But with graphs, the ETL must also… Read more →


Neo4j Included in TechTarget – Can good data approaches help uncover bad data social manipulation?

Software definitely helped cause the pernicious problem of fake news – but could also ameliorate it, says data expert Emil Eifrem, in a guest blogpost. Time was it was the tabloid newspapers that cornered the market when it came to… Read more →


Neo4j Included in press release for Inside BigData- Trend Line Industry

As creator and leader of graph databases, we’ve always been singularly focused on building connected data into a market category. As a company, Neo4j has invested heavily to ensure that our customers are successful, whatever their deployment style: on premises, hybrid or cloud. Read more →


Neo4j Included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics 2018

The Data Management Solutions for the analytic market enjoys a dynamic resurgence, new vendors are evolving as the cloud’s solidifies and changing the way the new vendors are stepping into data management solution analytics. Neo4j strengths and recognitions Graph DBMS:… Read more →


Neo4j CEO on graph databases and the 5 ways to compete against cloud platforms

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Neo4j founder and CEO Emil Eifrem discusses the sustaining value of graph databases, more than a decade since the first release of Neo4j and terms like “social graph” and “knowledge graph” became commonplace.… Read more →


Transmuting Documents Into Graphs

Learn how to scan documents using and NLP library and then turn that data into interesting visualizations using big data techniques. Read more:


The Team Behind The Panama Papers Turns Its Focus On West Africa

The ICIJ’s most recent project focuses not on a new trove of documents, but on a region of the world that’s received relatively little journalistic attention: West Africa. The new West Africa Leaks project forged partnerships with journalists in 11… Read more →


Graph Databases Take on New Challenges

The Panama Papers. The Paradise Papers. Human trafficking. Russian social media trolls. Self-driving cars. If you’re wondering what all the above have in common, the answer is: Graph Databases. Their ability to store data connections in the service of gaining… Read more →

Information Age  

Tech vs fake news: Separating fact from troll manipulation

Technology may be a real aid in helping the world deal with the major current social problem of fake news According to NBC News, “Twitter doesn’t make it easy to track Russian propaganda efforts, but this database can help.” The… Read more →


Finding the $100 Million Graph Query: A Four-Stage Maturity Model

What’s the key to finding the $100M graph query? Your imagination, along with increasing your ability to think in graphs. Read more:


How meal-kit maker Gousto is getting personal

How can companies predict what consumers want? It’s a burning question the food industry – indeed, most industries – would like answered, and one that Gousto hopes to solve with the implementation of nifty tech. Read more:


Analytics Power Discoveries in ICIJ’s West Africa Leaks

Graph analytic technologies and techniques played a major role in West Africa Leaks, the latest International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) project to unearth illegal or unethical activities or investments that powerful individuals have hidden using offshore law firms and… Read more →


Neo4j Democratizes Connected Data for Businesses and Users with 3.4 Release

Neo4j extends industry lead with latest version, delivers visualization tools for business users SAN FRANCISCO – May 2, 2018 – Neo4j, the leading platform for connected data, today announced Neo4j 3.4, which includes horizontal scaling, performance improvements of more than 50… Read more →


What Are Graph Queries, Graph Algorithms And Graph Analytics?

Kevin Van Gundy, Head of Enterprise Deployment, at Neo4j, explains the three levels to graph analytics in Improve Your Graph IQ written by Dan Woods for The first level is a cleverly constructed graph query. Graph queries, for the… Read more →

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